Google and Apple to improve their mobile payments platforms

Google aims to make changes to its mobile payments products

Google is expected to reveal plans to reform its mobile payments products at its annual developer conference this year. The company has been involved in mobile payments for some time, having launched Google Wallet in 2011. The Wallet was meant to serve as a way for consumers to pay for products online and in physical stores while also storing digital information from retailers and financial information. The product proved relatively unpopular, however, which lead Google to develop Android Pay.

Android Pay and Google Wallet will receive new features in the near future

Android Pay is expected to be the subject of reforms coming from Google. One of the changes the company is reportedly interested in making will allow merchants to accept credit card payments from within their mobile application, while also integrating support for loyalty programs. Google also intends to make further changes to its Wallet platform, reintroducing peer-to-peer payment options that will allow consumers to send money to one another directly through their bank accounts.

Apple also intends to make enhancements to its mobile payments platform

Google Wallet Mobile Payments CommerceGoogle is the not the only company planning to make changes to its mobile payments products, of course. Apple has also announced that it will be unveiling enhancements to Apple Pay. The company has been working to promote its mobile payments service quite aggressively, intending to bring the platform to other markets throughout the world. The enhancements to Apple Pay, which include support for loyalty programs coming from retailers, may make the platform more attractive to consumers, many of whom are becoming more interested in mobile payments as a whole.

Improved platforms will provide Google and Apple a competitive edge

Both Google and Apple are competing in the mobile payments field, which has become flooded with a wide array of platforms that have won the favor of consumers. These companies see great potential in this sector, especially due to the mobile activity being seen in countries like China. Improving their mobile payments platforms may give them the edge they need to establish footholds in these markets.

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