Augmented reality comes to events and trade shows through Foto Master

AR technology is aiming to make things more interesting for planners and exhibitors who want to share their messages.

The event attraction industry has been undergoing some changes that involve technology, over the last few months and years in order to better reach people in ways that they will find new and exciting, and Foto Master is hoping that augmented reality will dramatically improve the results that exhibitors are seeing.

Planners and exhibitors already face a considerable challenge in the delivery of their brand messaging.

Driving this effort to bring augmented reality to trade shows and other events is a company called Foto Master, which has already established itself with a substantial product line. Its specialty is already in the interactive entertainment, family entertainment, and event attraction fields. Recently, at the IAAPA 2014 expo, the company launched three additional products, which were presented there.


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Clearly, the company is turning its attention toward augmented reality and other unique interactive technologies.

The three new products that take advantage of interactive entertainment and AR technology include the following:

• The AR Foto Booth – this creates party favors that have been generated within the augmented reality environment. This allows users of the booth to wear three dimensional props that will move around with them, making it appear as though the guest is in an exotic location or is within a branded image, interacting with the prop.
• The MiniMe Foto Booth – this is a similar idea to the AR Foto Booth, only it allows two participants to use it at a time, and it will shrink one of them to a miniature size. This makes it possible to make it look as though one participant is in the palm of the other participant’s hand.
• The Interactive Story – an augmented reality environment designed for children by running animated stories. The child can interact with the various characters as the story runs on a screen.

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