Wormhole Games forms to take on tablets

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Wormhole Games Tablet Mobile GamingWormhole Games sets sights on tablet mobile gaming

Game industry veterans Jamil Moledina and James Kelm have broken away from their former development studio (Funzio) to open up their own. The developers have launched Wormhole Games, a new development studio with a focus on social games designed specifically for tablet devices. The studio aims to usher in a new era for the game industry, one focused on meshing the qualities of classic games with the community aspects of social and mobile games. If the studio can tap into the massive hype surrounding mobile gaming, it may be able to find the success it is looking for.

Tablets offer new avenue for the game industry

Mobile gaming has been on the rise for years, but has only been gaining serious traction since 2010. As mobile devices become more common and powerful, the kind of games they are able to support also become more impressive. Tablets, in particular, have become a very promising platform for mobile games. The larger screen and higher processing power of tablets allow developers to create high resolution games that can make use of more resources than titles designed for smart phones and smaller devices.

Wormhole Games to draw from traditional models while reinventing them

Wormhole Games will have a strong focus on transforming traditional industry models while still using these models to etch out success. The studio is one of the few that is focusing exclusively on the tablet platform for its mobile games and Moledina and Kelm believe that their mix of social and traditional game mechanics will earn respect within the game industry.

Mobile gaming continues generating buzz

Mobile gaming is showing no signs of slowing down. Consumers are demanding better mobile games and more variety. Many mobile games tend to be very similar, due to the fickle nature of consumers and the difficulty developers can have in keeping these people entertained for long periods of time. The tablet platforms offers a little more flexibility, but it has yet to be seen whether Wormhole Games will be able to deliver on its vision.

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