Windows Phone may get mobile payments support in the future

Windows 10 to bring Host Card Emulation to Windows Phone

Windows Phone users have had very limited options when it comes to mobile payments. One of the few services that were available to these users, Softcard, was recently shut down after its acquisition by Google. With the closure of Softcard, many Windows Phone users have been pushed out of the mobile commerce space. That may change soon, however, as Windows 10 will be coming to the platform. The latest version of the mobile operating system will feature Host Card Emulation.

Software architecture offers a way to support mobile payments on Windows Phone

Host Card Emulation is a type of software architecture that is meant to provide virtual representation for various types of cards, such as credit and debit cards. This serves as a way to support mobile transactions made on a device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Using Host Card Emulation, devices do not need to have a secure SIM card solution and consumers do not need to use a specialized application in order to make mobile payments.

NFC-enabled Windows Phones may be able to make mobile payments in the near future

Windows Mobile PaymentsThough Windows 10 will feature Host Card Emulation, those wishing to participate in mobile commerce on Windows Phones will have to have an NFC-enabled mobile device. NFC technology allows for digital information to be sent over short distances and this technology has become the backbone for most mobile payments platforms, which has lead to the increased availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices. Many Windows Phones have NFC capabilities, but older devices may not be equipped with NFC technology.

Microsoft could attract more people to Windows Phone if it supports mobile commerce more aggressively

Windows Phone may not be the most popular mobile device in the world, but there are a significant number of people with these devices. These consumers have expressed interest in participating in mobile commerce, but they have had limited support for this interest. Microsoft may be able to revitalize favor for its mobile devices if it can manage to provide support for mobile payments.

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