Wearable technology will be big in the business world, says Salesforce

The company is betting that companies will be looking to wearables and has unveiled its developer pack.

At a time in which wearable technology is drumming up a great deal of controversy, with fitness trackers going mainstream, but while augmented reality headsets such as Google Glass are drawing criticism and nicknames for wearers such as “glassholes”, Salesforce is betting that this will be the tech of the near future for businesses and has now released its Wear Developer Pack.

The hope is that developers will use it in order to build apps and platforms for business purposes.

Salesforce is hoping that developers will use its open source Wear Developer Pack software in order to build systems with customer service, CRM, and a number of other types of business practice in mind. This tech will function with wearable technology devices such as web connected augmented reality glasses, smartwatches, and other mobile gadgets of this nature, and it will integrate them with the company databases that are already sitting on its platform.

While some are calling this wearable technology move an exciting one, others see a considerable risk.

Wearable Technology - NewsAt the moment, the primary focus is on wearables such as smartwatches and AR glasses. While there are many forms of smart clothing that have been unveiled and that are making their way onto the market, those are primarily meant for consumer use at the moment. That said, it is not yet clear whether the business world really is ready for wearables, nor has a solid opinion been collected that would suggest that they are or are not looking to work those gadgets into their operations.

That hasn’t stopped Salesforce, which has decided to make a considerable investment into enterprise wearable tech in order to grab hold of the first mover advantage within this category. The company feels confident that this market will be exploding over the next few years and it wants to make sure that its foundation is well built by the time that happens.

According to the Salesforce senior vice president of emerging technologies, Daniel Debow, “We saw this opportunity,” and said about wearable technology “How can you link these to marketing operations? How can you link these to business operations?”

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