In wearable technology, France will lead over the U.K. next year

Germany will also be stepping ahead of the United Kingdom when it comes to corporate adoption of wearables.

Ipswitch has recently released the results of a survey that found that Germany and France will be leaps and bounds ahead of the United Kingdom next year with regards to their intentions of using wearable technology within corporations.

The survey examined the number of wearables that will be integrated into the workplace over the next year.

The Ipswitch research looked into the use of wearable technology that will be connected with the corporate IT infrastructure in a number of different countries and organizations. It found a number of different types of insight, such as the indication that there has been little thought given to mobile security and network performance as a result of this integration. Only 13 percent of the participating organizations in the study stated that they had formed a policy in order to cover the impact and management of wearables as they enter the workplace.

German and French businesses are adopting wearable technology at a rate that is faster than the United Kingdom.

Wearable Technology - FranceWhat the research determined was that 33 percent of companies in Germany stated that they plan to bring wearables that are company owned into their workplaces within the next year. In France, that figure for 2015 was 34 percent. In the United Kingdom, about 25 percent of participating businesses claimed that they had similar intentions for the tech.

Beyond the investigation into the corporate adoption of wearables, this research also examined the attitudes that companies have with regards to employee owned gadgets entering the workplaces. Among the respondents, 36 percent said that they believed that they would be experiencing an “influx” of the number of employees who would be wearing smartwatches and other similar mobile devices in 2015.

In terms of employee owned wearable technology use, it was German businesses that expected to see the highest increase in the devices. Among the respondents from that country, 41 percent were expecting this nature of influx next year. In France, it was 36 percent and it was 33 percent in the United Kingdom.

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