Wearable technology in an affordable category launched by Misfit Wearables

The brand has now added The Flash, a fitness and sleep tracker device to the mobile shelves.

Misfit Wearables has now announced that it is launching an even more affordable form of wearable technology that will function as a fitness and sleep tracker, and that will focus as much on the health of the wearer’s wallet as it does for his or her body.

The Flash is the second device produced by this company, which has already sold over 600,000 Shines.

The company, itself, was co-founded by former Apple CEO, John Sculley, and highly experienced hardware CEO Sonny Vu. Under their leadership, Misfit has been producing sleek and attractive wearable technology for the health and fitness space that have become very popular, called Shines. These quarter sized devices are worn to track the wearer’s activity levels and provide feedback online over mobile devices or laptops. Now, the company has released The Flash at a lower price point.

This wearable technology is produced in much more affordable soft-touch plastic.

Wearable Technology - fitness trackerThe Shine is made with a burnished metal finish. The Flash is also available in seven different colors and is less expensive than the Shine. While the Shine is sold for around $100, the Flash is being sold at about half that, at $49.99.

According to CEO Sonny Vu, “We used to call it the Shine C,” making reference to the names used in last year’s iPhone releases of the 5s and its cheaper alternative, the 5c. However, he went on to explain that it isn’t actually a matter of being cheap, at all. The Flash has not been created to be a cheap version of Shine. “There are some people who love the sleek elegant design of the Shine and are fine paying $100 for that product. And then there’s a segment that wants a more colorful presentation with something more fun that they can afford to buy for their kids. That’s what the Flash is for.”

The two devices provide essentially the same types of features, from step tracking, sleep tracking, and estimated calories burned, in addition to swimming and cycling data. This is uploaded to a mobile device through a paired app. The devices will start shipping in October but are already being pre-sold.

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