US Bank teams with Monitise to make a move on mobile payments

Mobile payments platform planned through new partnership

Mobile payments firm Monitise has announced its partnership with U.S. Bank, one of the leading financial service firms in the United States. Together, the two organizations will launch a new mobile payments platform and encourage consumers to become more accepting of mobile commerce. Consumers have been growing more interested in mobile payments, but relatively few people are comfortable with managing money on their mobile devices, largely due to the security concerns they have regarding their financial information.

Companies plan to engage consumers through the mobile space

U.S. Bank is no stranger to the concept of mobile payments. The bank has been working to grow more accommodating to mobile commerce in recent years in order to better serve the needs of its customers. The bank has introduced many services that allow customers to manage their accounts from their mobile devices, but its new partnership with Monitise is expected to take its mobile commerce endeavors to a new level. Monitise has extensive experience when it comes to mobile payments and may be able to help U.S. Bank establish a more formidable presence in the mobile space.

Mobile Payments partnershipProject to receive support from Nellymoser and Digimarc

Specific details concerning the platform Monitise is developing for U.S. bank have not yet been released. The platform is expected to cover product discovery, selection, and instant checkouts, however. The project will also receive support from Digimarc, a digital identification specialist, and Nellymoser, which specializes in mobile marketing and digital media. Backed by such strong support, the mobile payments platform is expected to garner a significant amount of attention from consumers.

Bank intends to be a leader in mobile payments

U.S. Bank has a strong interest in establishing itself as a leader in the mobile payments space. The bank will have to compete in a crowded arena, however, filled with companies that have already established a strong foothold in the sector. Monitise is well versed in this competition, of course, and may be able to help U.S. Bank achieve its goals in the mobile commerce field.

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