Technology news shows mobile is still behind serious IT spending

A new Gartner report has shown that smartphones and tablets are still driving these expenses.

According to a recent report that has been issued by Gartner, mobile is still making technology news as a primary driver of global IT spending, but it has also shown that the pace isn’t speeding up quite as much as it had been in previous quarters and years.

The momentum for global IT spending in the mobile environment is starting to ease off.

The Gartner technology news report stated that that the IT spending worldwide remains on pace, having come to a total of $3.7 trillion, so far, in 2014. This represents a healthy 2.1 percent increase over the same time in 2013. That said, the well respected research firm has also noted that this growth rate has decreased when compared to earlier projections which had pegged it at 3.2 percent.

This year’s technology news predictions have diminished as a result of the decrease in expected device growth.

Technology News - Decrease in device growthAlso contributing to the slowing growth in IT spending is a slowing in the expectations for data center systems as well as in IT services, to a certain degree. According to the Gartner managing vice president, Richard Gordon, “Price pressure based on increased competition, lack of product differentiation and the increased availability of viable alternative solutions has had a dampening effect on the short term IT spending outlook.”

That said, Gartner also predicts that it won’t be long before the figures will start to even off and return to spending growth levels that are closer to “normal”. Gordon explained that “However, 2015 through 2018 will see a return to ‘normal’ spending growth levels as pricing and purchasing styles reach a new equilibrium.” He described the current situation in IT as entering into “its third phase of development”, in which it moves on from a focus directly on the tech and the processes of the past in order to look ahead to new forms of business model that have become possible as a result of digitalization.

In 2014, the technology news expectations are that smartphones, tablets, and other devices will still see growth in sales, though not as great as in previous quarters. Now it is believed that the growth over 2013’s figures will be 1.2 percent, to reach $685 billion.

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