Tapestry brings NFC technology to the fashion industry


NFC Technology FashionTapestry aims to bridge a gap with NFC technology

Fashion and technology are becoming increasingly entwined. The fashion industry has long sought to be on the cutting edge of every sector it is involved in and the advent of mobile technology may help push the industry into new territory. There are currently a wide variety of companies that combine fashion with digital technology, but a new startup in the United Kingdom called Tapestry aims to make use of NFC technology to connect consumers with actual products.

Application allows consumers to build virtual wardrobes

Tapestry offers a free mobile application for the Android and iOS platforms. This application aims to connect a consumer’s online identify with actual, physical products in stores they may be visiting. The application is equipped with a barcode scanner that will allow users to scan a variety of codes that will provide them with information on particular products. It also leverages NFC technology as a way to allow users to build a virtual wardrobe filled with products they may want to own.

Tapestry could be used as a personalized shopping channel

The application is meant to create a personalized mobile shopping channel for mobile consumers. Retailers may find the Tapestry application useful as it provides them with data concerning the interests of particular consumers and demographics. The platform also provide retailers with a way to provide these consumers with discounts and loyalty rewards, thus creating a dynamic connection between businesses and shoppers. Tapestry notes that the use of the application in this way could encourage consumers to add more products to their virtual wardrobes in order to receive more attention from retailers.

NFC technology gaining ground outside of mobile commerce

NFC technology is most often used in the field of mobile commerce, where it can facilitate mobile payments. The technology has been sparingly used in the field of marketing, but NFC is relatively rare in the fashion industry. Tapestry is one of the few applications outside of the mobile commerce sector that leverages NFC technology to connect with consumers in the fashion industry.

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