Taiwan Mobile launches ambitious new mobile commerce service

Taiwan Mobile takes bold step in mobile commerce field

Taiwan Mobile, the country’s second largest telecommunications network operator, has launched a new mobile commerce service that aims to provide more convenience to consumers throughout Taiwan. The country has emerged as a very active market in terms of mobile commerce, with many consumers showing favor for mobile shopping over traditional shopping. This trend has encouraged telecommunications companies like Taiwan Mobile to take mobile commerce more seriously and begin to cater to these consumers and their interests.

New service allows consumers to make purchases online using their mobile devices

The mobile commerce service launched by Taiwan Mobile will allow consumers to use their smartphones and tablets to purchase products online. These products can then be retrieved from more than 300 locations that are associated with the company. Products purchased online in this way will be delivered to these locations in approximately 12 hours.

Taiwan Mobile CommerceGovernment agency works to ensure security is taken seriously

The service was launched after the country’s Financial Supervisory Commission granted approval for local banks to facilitate mobile payments through smartphones and tablets. The agency has worked to ensure that the mobile commerce service adheres to strict security guidelines in order to ensure that the financial information of consumers is kept as safe as possible when it is being used for mobile payments.

Taiwan Mobile may establish itself as leader in mobile commerce field

According to Taiwan Mobile, mobile commerce represented some $13.3 billion in sales in 2012. The company suggests that this year’s sales are already beginning to show signs of overcoming last year’s totals. This is partly due to the growing number of consumers that are making use of mobile devices, but also because of the growing number of mobile commerce services that are becoming available to these consumers throughout the country. Taiwan Mobile is expected to face some modest competition from other companies that are investing in mobile commerce. This competition may, however, help Taiwan Mobile develop features for its services that are seeing high demand among consumers.

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