The new smartphone app will be designed to make it simpler for users to create and find videos.

YouTube is redesigning the experience that it provides to users of mobile devices, since over half of the views to their video platform are now coming from smartphones and tablets.

This move was first revealed by Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, in California at VidCon.

According to the statistics that are being generated by YouTube, itself, there are over one billion people around the world who use that platform. Over half of those views are being generated through mobile devices. Moreover, the revenue generated over smartphones and tablets for the platform is increasing by over 100 percent per year. In the new mobile app, there will be an additional three tabs added in order to make it simpler both to find videos and to create them.

The three new YouTube tabs for mobile devices will be: Home, Subscriptions, and Account.

Mobile Devices - YouTubeThe new Home tab will provide the user with an intelligent video list that has been selected for that individual based on his or her viewing history. The Subscriptions tab will provide a list of the most recent videos from the channels to which he or she has opted to subscribe. There will also be a notification option that can be turned on so that the user can receive a notification when one of those channels has released a new video. The Account tab will provide the user with a list of every video that they have uploaded, as well as their watch history.

The mobile app will make it possible for users to record their own videos and to upload them. From the application, they will be able to trim them, add music and filters, and upload them.

The new mobile app is already available for Android users and on the mobile web. That said, users of iOS mobile devices will still need to wait a little longer. It is on the way but at the time of the writing of this article, it had not been released at the Apple Store. According to project managers Omri Amarilio and Omri Amarilio, users can expect to see even more features being added to the application and the mobile web experience before 2015 is through.