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Mobile ads at Yahoo have become “meaningful”, CEO

According to Marissa Mayer, these advertisements could reach the $1.2 billion mark in 2014.

The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, has finally now spoken about it’s the company’s mobile ads and has stated that their offerings have become “meaningful”, which is good news as a part of the top exec’s long delayed turnaround strategy.

That said, it remains far too early to know whether or not the strategy will work over the long term.

The third quarter earnings report has now been released by Yahoo, offering some hope to the company that has experienced a long series of quarters in which revenues have only continued to fall. Finally, this time, it experienced sales growth as well as a profit that was even higher than expected, driven by the rise in the sale of mobile ads. Mayer released a statement with regards to the third quarter performance in which it was explained that there was over $200 million in mobile revenues within the last quarter.

The mobile ads sales that have been brought in this year, so far, make up $1.2 billion at Yahoo.

yahoo - mobile adsThe mobile revenues currently make up 17 percent of the company’s total revenues. That said, analysts have reported that for the full year, total revenues will be $4.3 billion, which means that the mobile ads sales will have made up over a quarter of that figure. In Mayer’s statement, she said that “We have invested deeply in mobile and we are seeing those investments pay off.” She added that “Not only are our mobile products attracting praise and engagement from users and industry awards, they are generating meaningful revenue for Yahoo.”

The company reported that it had experienced a profit of 52 cents per share, which was higher than had been anticipated. This was before the stock compensation cost and didn’t include the $6.3 billion in proceeds that it brought in from the sale of its Alibaba shares. It represented a massive rise from the same time last year, when it had been at 34 cents. Considering that Wall Street had predicted a profit of 30 cents, it is clear that the company performed far better than anticipated. Moreover, the revenues after having subtracted the payments made to its website partners for traffic increased by 1.5 percent to reach $1.09 billion. Analysts had been predicting a decline of 3 percent.

Mobile marketing talent from Distill snatched up by Yahoo

This recent news development will bring the latter company’s platform to a close on March 30.

In a recent news posting on the Distill website, it has announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo, in a move that many in the industry are assuming that has a great deal more to do with obtaining the mobile marketing talent from that company anything much else.Yahoo Acquires Distill - Mobile Marketing News

The platform for the company will remain fully operational through March 30.

The Distill service had been in a private beta phase and had been working with companies such as Box and Disney. Now, Yahoo has purchased this startup, which has come up with a collaborative system based on video, which is targeted at hiring technical talent. However, instead of putting that approach to use for drawing their own engineers, Yahoo plans to shut down the company altogether and simply hire the leading engineers who worked there in order to work on mobile marketing development.

The terms of this acquisition (which is also seen as a mobile marketing deal) have not yet been released.

About five months ago, Distill had just finished securing investments worth $1.3 million and had developed and created a system that made it possible for a potential new hire, such as an engineer, to be interviewed through a video conversation comparable to Skype. What made it stand out from a standard video conversation is that it could provide programming challenges to the candidate during the interview, itself.

Therefore if the interviewee was, for example, a graphic designer, then the video interview would be able to include a collaborative walk through of a portfolio so that its contents could then be discussed.

As the interview can be scheduled online and the prospect is sent a direct link in order to “meet” with the prospective employer, there is no need for exchanging user names or other contact details.

The engineers from Distill, who will now be working for the purpose of mobile marketing at Yahoo, have also worked on other major projects such as Tapjoy, which is a smartphone ad platform that is performance based.