Microsoft may be expandingMicrosoft rumors hint at future Xbox devices

There have been rumors circulating concerning Microsoft’s plans for the future of console gaming. The famed technology company has been stirring the proverbial pot with vague news regarding the Xbox 720, the next generation gaming console that is expected to be released at some point in 2013. Much of the information that surrounds the new console comes in the form of rumor, however, and the nature of rumors means that some of this information is able to garner a significant amount of attention.

Mobile gaming catches the eye of Microsoft

It is no secret that Microsoft has invested heavily in the mobile technology sector. The company is behind Windows Phone, after all. Microsoft’s interest in this sector expands beyond just mobile devices, however, as the company has a keen focus on mobile gaming. Rumors suggest that Microsoft is gearing to take its interest in mobile devices and gaming to the next level with the development of an Xbox tablet and Xbox smart phone.

Xbox tablet may be in the works

If the rumors are accurate, the Xbox tablet could be another avenue through which Microsoft engages mobile consumers. The company has already hinted at the possibility of incorporating mobile devices into the Xbox platform through the introduction of Smart Glass. The Xbox 720 may have profound support for mobile devices, such as tablets, that could allow the platform to provide gamers with a wide assortment of mobile games that they can take wherever they go. The tablet may also be able to play games that have traditionally been exclusive to the console platform.

Company may be developing new smart phone with Xbox capabilities

Microsoft is already known to be working on a new smart phone that it plans to enter into the market within the next few years. The device is referred to as the Surface Phone and will boast of various features that may make it competitive in the current market. Whether it will have Xbox capabilities has yet to be confirmed, but Microsoft has shown some interest in incorporating a smart phone device into the Xbox platform.