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Wearable technology plans start with AT&T and Timex

These two brands are coming together to bring out services for mobile devices within one of the hottest new tech categories.

This week has been an important one for wearable technology, from the announcement of the Apple Watch smartwatch to AT&T’s new service plan pricing for these mobile devices to show that they are serious about this market.

Now the wireless service provider has announced the first on their plans list is from Timex.

AT&T has now released a data plan for the wearable technology from Timex called the Ironman One GPS+. This smartwatch is now being offered for pre-order through the online portal at the wristwatch company, but it will become available to AT&T as of this fall. That said, the wireless provider did underscore the fact that regardless of whether they purchase this device from that company or whether they buy it elsewhere the first year of data plan service will be included, free.

This wearable technology device will work only with the AT&T data network, at the moment.

Wearable Technology - AT&TThis partnership means that if a data plan is to be purchased for the Timex Ironman One GPS+, it must be from AT&T. Therefore, customers who buy this smartwatch will automatically head to that wireless carrier for a data plan, which will be received for one year for free as a part of the agreement between the two companies.

Following the year of free service, a data plan for these smartwatches, through this carrier, will cost only $40 per year. It was also explained by AT&T that the wearables can be added to the Mobile Share account of the customer, which will become available within the not too distant future.

It isn’t yet clear whether or not there will be data limits applied to the free plans for these wearable technology devices. At the time that this article was written, the fine print had not yet been released, but it is certain that it won’t be long before the company will be providing consumers with all of the details that they need to understand the true value of the deal.

Google Glass becomes part of hotel experience

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine is offering the wearable tech to customers.

The Spanish five star exclusive abbey hotel and winery in Spain’s Duero wine region, dating back to 1146, is providing guests who visit its 900 year old property with Google Glass, and is the first hotel in Europe to do so.

The hotel has eight of the wearable devices.

The smart glasses are provided to guests so that they can obtain more from their experience at the hotel, which is well known for its architecture and art collection. During their stay, guests with the devices can watch videos about the hotel, take photos, videos, surf the web, make phone calls, and so on. When it is time for them to leave, guests can keep any of the personal files that were stored on their device, which is downloaded to a memory stick and given to them at checkout.

Andres Araya, LeDomaine’s managing director, has said that “Google Glass is the next step in our complete transformation from an ancient and storied abbey to a sophisticated modern hotel offering the highest level of luxury and service in a sublime historic ambiance.” Araya added that with Glass “we are introducing our guests to an exciting new 21st-century experience in a 12th-century setting.”

This is not the first time Google Glass has been utilized within the travel industry.

google glass - avilable at hotelOther examples of Glass being used in the travel industry include Starwood’s app for Glass and Spanish OTA Destination’s app, which enables users of the device to book a nearby hotel. Additionally, Virgin Atlantic has used the wearable tech to receive its guests.

As was previously mentioned, guests at the hotel can enjoy different apps and functions when using Glass. In addition to snapping photos with a blink of an eye or giving a verbal command, they can watch videos including the LeDomaine art tour and can stargaze using the location-based app that will provide users with the ability to see the alignment of the stars above them at any time of the day or night.

As new apps become available for Google Glass, LeDomaine intends to add them to their devices for patrons to enjoy.