Airlines serving in Asia may need to become more accommodating of wearable devices

Wearable technology may soon find more support from airlines operating in Asia. A new study from Airbus, an aircraft manufacturer based in Europe, shows that Asian travelers are becoming more interested in wearable devices, such as smartwatches and high-tech jewelry. These devices are very similar to smartphones, but have limited capabilities. For instance, many smartwatches are only able to notify their user about new email and messages as well as providing alerts concerning potential security issues.Wearable Technology - Asian Travelers

Smartwatches and similar devices are becoming more common among consumers

According to the study from Airbus, Asian travelers are beginning to expect a higher degree of luxury and comfort from their airlines. This includes airlines becoming more accommodating of wearable device. Typically, these devices cannot be used while in flight, thereby making them somewhat useless to consumers that have spent significant amounts of money on these devices. As competition between airlines increases, companies are beginning to feel pressure to provide services that are specifically designed for wearable devices in order to better appeal to consumers.

Asian travelers begin to call for more comfort from airlines

The study highlights the growth of the middle class in many Asian countries. As the middle class expands, millions of new consumers are beginning to see air travel in a new light. Many people have begun to put a focus on comfort and are willing to pay more for services that provide the comfort they are looking for. The study suggests that Asian travelers typically spend more time researching airlines and their travel options and many will only choose a company that accommodates their travel needs. The study suggests that airlines not catering to those with wearable devices could be missing out on appealing to consumers that have comfort in mind.

Wearable technology is becoming more popular

Wearable devices are becoming more common throughout the world. These devices are being used by people that are interested in keeping in constant contact with the digital space. In some cases, smartwatches and similar devices offer more convenient features to consumers than typical smartphones, but these devices tend to lack the communication functions of larger devices.