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Augmented Reality marketing platform tested at Walgreens

The US pharmacy chain is piloting a marketing platform that gives shoppers the chance to earn rewards.

Walgreens is testing a marketing platform in its stores that uses technology developed by Aisle411, the in-store mapping and reward provider, and Google’s Project Tango 3D augmented reality technology, which enables shoppers to find a specific product, receive directions to the proper aisle and earn rewards as they go about their shopping.

Shoppers can enjoy a three dimensional image of their route and receive personalized coupons.

The technology that Walgreens is using from Aisle411for its pilot program gives customers the opportunity to collect loyalty rewards by simply walking down certain aisles. It also allows for personalized offers, coupons and rewards to “pop out” of the shelf while customers walk around the store. Additionally, it provides them with a 3D image of the path they are taking. The augmented reality view is provided by a Project Tango device that has been placed on a shopping cart.

Walgreens Director of Mobile Commerce Tim McCauley said, “When we saw Aisle411 were working with Google Project Tango to create immersive mobile experiences inside a store, we immediately knew this was something we had to be a part of building.” He added, “It’s going to be very exciting to see how this evolves the future of the shopping experience.”

The augmented reality shopping experience is expected to be tested by more merchants in the future.

According to Aisle411, the shopping locations that will be piloting the technology will have devices that are available in-store for shoppers to use. They will be working with Walgreens to test the devices in certain markets throughout the United States. Some of the selected locations include Chicago, New York, St. Louis and Seattle.

Furthermore, the CEO of Aisle411, Nathan Pettyjohn, stated that shoppers in today’s world are occupied by and interacting with their mobile devices while they are shopping. They are “digital savvy” and clever and because of this it is vital that retailers provide their customers with the right tools to keep their shopping experience engaging. Pettyjohn believes the new application will make shopping fun for consumers and that it is sure to engage all who use it.

Presently, over 12,500 merchants throughout the US use the augmented reality marketing platform and more retailers are anticipated to test it.

Digital commerce becoming more important


mobile digital commerceDigital commerce is quickly becoming a major factor for businesses all over the world

Digital commerce (mobile, social, etc.) is becoming a major factor in the world of business. Several industries are seeing the impact of digital commerce and are working to appeal to consumers with smart phones and other mobile devices. Indeed, digital commerce is expected to become a major part of engagement strategies for businesses that want to stay relevant with tech-savvy consumers. Thomas Idea, a leading interactive agency, suggests that companies all over the world will have to adopt digital commerce or risk being left behind by consumers that are becoming more reliant on mobile technology.

Thomas Idea takes note of the digital commerce trend

Thomas Idea has seen the trend of digital commerce gain significant momentum over the past year and believes that this momentum will only continue to grow into the future. The agency notes that one of the most promising sectors of the digital commerce space is in-store mobile applications, services that help making mobile shopping more convenient for consumers. Consumers often turn to mobile commerce to make their shopping experience easier, thus companies appealing to this interest.

Retailers being encouraged to provide mobile services to consumers

Thomas Idea notes that many consumers use mobile applications to compare prices and research products, as well as connect to social networks. Companies that help facilitate these interests could see their favor increase amongst tech-savvy consumers, who are becoming a significant economic force in and of themselves. The agency notes that U.S. retailer Walgreens’ uses an application called Aisle 411 that allows consumers to find the products they are looking for from 7,900 of the retailer’s stores. Using the app, consumers can track down these products to their exact location in the physical world.

Personalized campaigns could be major success

The agency notes that personalized promotions will become more important for businesses in 2013. Digital commerce platforms enable retailers to fine tune their sales campaign to focus on the specific interests of particular consumers, while also still appealing to a broad demographic. If companies can find ways to engage mobile consumers, they could see major economic gain in 2013.