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Virtual reality: Will it replace smartphones in the future?

According to HTC China’s President, VR is going to last longer than the smartphone cycle.

Virtual reality (VR) is going to dominate smartphones within four years, says Alvin Graylin, president of HTC China. Speaking at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Graylin said that VR is the upcoming disruptor that will dominate mobile phones. It took smarpthones five years to surpass the total unit sales of PC and now he predicts VR will do the same to Smartphones in four years.

“VR is going to take over, and I predict it will last longer than nine years,” Graylin stated. “It’s going to replace every screen, and users will enjoy a different way to experience things like live events.”

HTC plans to invest billions in the future of VR.

HTC, the Taiwanese consumer electronics company, recently launched a consortium that brings together 28 of the world’s biggest VC (venture capital) firms. This consortium is dedicated to investing $10 billion in the future of virtual reality.

Graylin said at the Mobile World Congress that the VR VC Alliance will not only invest in a VR future but also set the direction for where this immersive technology is headed. “Think about what $10 billion can do for this industry,” he stated.

Graylin boasts that HTC’s virtual reality hardware is far superior to its competition.

Virtual Reality - The FutureHTC has put a great deal of time, effort and money into its VR headset Vive. Graylin said that compared to the VR hardware of other companies like Oculus, Samsung and Sony, Vive is way ahead of the game in terms of providing both a higher quality experience and having far more content.

Currently, Vive already has over 300 titles and Graylin said that this is like to become a “four-digit number very soon.” The executive expressed that the success of VR also depends on great content.

HTC launched its $100 million Vive X fund program two months ago. The program is designed to jump-start development. According to Graylin, the company has already received 1,200 applications from companies across the globe. Half of the companies are from China.

As for its plans to spin off its virtual reality group, an independent company was recently approved by the HTC board to operate the Vive business.

Virtual reality roller coaster debuts at Six Flags Magic Mountain

One of the first ever VR rides of this nature has now launched in the country in partnership with Samsung.

As of Friday, March 25, 2016, Six Flags Magic Mountain has released a new roller coaster using virtual reality goggles to help to add to the overall experience of the ride as guests experience every loop, twist and turn.

The New Revolution ride has now been launched at the theme park, in partnership with Samsung.

The purpose of the virtual reality experience on the Six Flags roller coaster is to help to give adrenaline junkies a more thrilling experience than the classic form of attraction at the park. The roller coaster provides every rider with VR goggles that give them the sensation of being a co-pilot in a fighter jet’s cockpit. They’ll feel every movement as they travel along the traditional roller coaster, but what they’ll be seeing is an even more enhanced experience to match it.

The virtual reality display aligns with the movements of the roller coaster’s tracks and provides a 360 degree view.

As the riders twist and turn their way along the roller coaster track, they’ll be able to see a city that is under attack by aliens in a very realistic VR three dimensional view. The ride starts as the riders whip their way through narrow city streets before they take off over top of the skyline, avoiding skyscrapers and other obstacles as the alien drones shoot at them.

One of the ride’s features makes it possible for the riders to tap the VR headsets they’re wearing in order to be able to fire the guns on their digital jet in order to attempt to hit the targets that are appearing throughout the time that the coaster ascends the lift.

This is meant to be only the first of a number of virtual reality roller coasters that will be added to Six Flags parks across the United States. It will represent the first wave of roller coasters to launch in North America this year, say park officials. In fact, there will be nine other Six Flags parks to launch their own VR coasters. Texas already launched its Six Flags VR Shock Wave on March 10.