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New VR video game promises to change how players see the world

Game designers in Newfoundland are breaking ground with a new type of virtual reality (VR) game.

Other Ocean Interactive, a game studio based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland is developing a VR video game called Giant Cop: Justice Above All. This interactive game will be one of the world’s first commercial virtual reality games and is a new type of game that promises to change how a player sees the world…mostly because they’re actually a giant police officer in charge of keeping a tiny-sized city safe.

Solve murders and literally throw criminals in jail.

The game, which is slated for a fall release will transform players into a giant police officer when they put on a compatible VR headset. The object of the game is to patrol the tiny streets of Micro City. In the open world game, players control the actions of Giant Cop with their physical movements as they move around the virtual landscape, which requires them to walk around in their own physical environment. The goal of the player is to manage the city as they see fit. They can enforce the law with a soft hand or an iron fist. How the citizens of the city view the player depends on the player’s actions.

According to Other Ocean Interactive’s studio head Ryan Hale, “If you’re not a careful giant cop, you might actually hurt the city that you’re trying to protect.”

Giant Cop was inspired by popular 1970’s and 1980’s cop shows, like Shaft and Starsky and Hutch, and is a satire of these shows as well as humorous take on modern day events like NSA digging through phone data or email.

The game’s producer Stephen Jeffers explained that “Almost like the old TV shows. We drew a lot of inspiration from things like Starsky and Hutch and Streets of San-Francisco.” Jeffers says that despite the unique VR experience, the game is propelled by its storytelling, reported CBC News.

The studio behind the upcoming VR video game wants to keep its operations local.

Other Ocean has been pushed into the spotlight due to the buzz surrounding its upcoming game. However, even though the studio, one of the pioneers in the VR industry, has now evolved from a local level to a global scale, Jeffers said that the company hires locally and wants to keep people in Newfoundland, preventing them from leaving the island for work.

Giant Cop is presently in development for several virtual reality platforms. Among these include the PlayStation VR, Vive and Oculus. Ocean plans to release its VR video game in the fall, just in time for the 2016 holiday season.

VR game to be created by IBM’s Watson

The supercomputer is going to be converting an anime from a book series into a huge multiplayer online game.

The Japanese division at IBM has now turned its attention to creating a VR game out of an anime called “Sword Art Online: The Beginning” with the assistance of its Watson artificial intelligence supercomputer.

The project is meant to turn the book series into a virtual reality multiplayer game available online.

The team at IBM is using Watson’s cognitive computing, in conjunction with the cloud service from SoftLayer, as a part of a partnership with Namco Bandai. They intend to be able to test the new VR game in Tokyo, in March. In order to be able to play the virtual reality game, players will need to wear VR headsets so they will be capable of viewing the world in the role of their 3D avatar. In this way, the player doesn’t use a controller in order to participate in the game. They actually become the controller.

The VR game will support the HTC Vive, while it also looks as though Occulus Rift and SlashGear will be supported.

Aside from some introductory basics, there hasn’t been much in terms of details that have been revealed, so far. Moreover, at the time of the writing of this article, IBM hadn’t provided an immediate response to comment requests.

The anime, in question, Sword Art Online, was first launched in 2012 and was based on a 2009 light series of Japanese novels. The story includes a considerable focus on virtual reality and opens up a tremendous opportunity for multiplayer role-playing games (RPGs).

The series that will become a VR game first ran in 2012 in Tokyo, but it has since streamed on Hulu and Crunchyroll. In 2013, it arrived in North America, where it is also now available on Netflix. At the Mobile World Congress (MWC), IBM announced that it would be bringing the IBM Cloud together with the Apple Swift runtime package. The goal result is to have a enterprise app development based on cloud tech, that would function with Swift. The MobileFirst platform can also be leveraged by customers, meaning it’s possible for them to use hybrid app versions for managing mobile from one platform.