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Mobile health improves Africa’s access to quality healthcare

A software kit developed by Medic Mobile can be used in any type of environment to support healthcare.

Mobile Health (mHealth) provided by Medic Mobile is improving healthcare accessibility and quality in Africa. Using VMware, the American non-profit technology company, specializing in mHealth, developed a special software toolkit. This toolkit can be used in just about any environment and supports any language. It also functions with internet connectivity and without it, in the cloud or locally.

The software toolkit is giving African’s access to quality healthcare in the remotest parts of the continent.

The web and mobile tools work on a basic cellular phone. The software is giving health workers the ability to track disease outbreaks, register pregnancies, communicate emergencies, communicate with patients and keep stock of medicines.

Mobile Health Improves HealthcareThe Medic Mobile solution is Linux-based and is made possible through a mobile network virtualized by VMware, running on VMware Player. The toolkit enables healthcare workers to gather and transmit patient data wirelessly via basic cell phones to the central clinic. This significantly cuts down on travel time and cost while making the delivery of quality healthcare better.

Medic Mobile CEO Josh Nesbit stated that the organization’s vision “is that the things that we know save lives should be made accessible to everybody, no matter where they are, no matter how much money they make, no matter to what social group they belong. The vision is global health equality.”

Since the mobile health technology has been implemented, healthcare has improved in Africa.

For instance, in Uganda, infant mortality rates continue to decrease every year. One of the major reasons for this is community health workers can provide better care. They can register pregnancies through a simple text message to the Medic Mobile system. They can provide details including the patient’s name, estimated due date and risk factors. A patient ID is automatically generated by the system and sends automated reminders to both health workers and patients, regarding scheduled appointments. If the appointment is missed by the patient, the system will notify the health worker to followup with the patient.

Presently, over 9,000 healthcare workers are using mobile health tools from Medic Mobile to aid over five million people in 23 developing countries. Using these tools, the healthcare workers are achieving solid results.

Mobile security firm AirWatch bought out by VMware

The cloud software manufacturer has now revealed that it will be buying the company for $1.54 billion.

VMware Inc., a cloud software maker, has now announced that it will be buying AirWatch, which is a privately held mobile security provider, for a purchase price of $1.54 billion.Mobile Security aquisition

The goal is to allow the companies to secure a place in meeting demands from companies for securing devices.

As a growing number of employers are allowing their workers to use their own mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, they are also placing themselves at an increased risk. Therefore, there is currently a rapidly rising demand from businesses for a way to secure those employee owned gadgets, as well as those that are owned by the companies but that are used by the employees, for that matter.

Some analysts see this mobile security acquisition as a threat to BlackBerry’s traditional position of dominance.

The reason that they feel this way is that BlackBerry Ltd. has, for many years, been the automatic choice for companies that are seeking to protect themselves with security products. That said, other analysts are saying that this new acquisition could lead to a rash of additional buyouts throughout this market.

The first steps that VMware, itself, had made into this market were only recent ones. It’s primary business has been in the manufacture of virtualization software, which produces a type of virtual machine which behaves in a way that is comparable to an actual computer. This gives companies the opportunity to slash their IT expenses by reducing the need for storage space and servers.

According to Pat Gelsinger the CEO of VMware, when interviewed about the deal, “AirWatch will be the center of our mobile activities,” adding that “We are really bringing together the strength we have in PCs and desktops with AirWatch’s in the mobility space.”

According to ABI Research, the mobile security marketplace will be doubling by next year, to reach over $1 billion. The VMware acquisition of AirWatch is the third major deal of this nature that has recently occurred and many are predicting that this number will grow.