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Honda teams up with Visa for mobile payments in cars

The automaker is joining up with the credit card giant to let people make purchases through their vehicles.

Visa has now opened up its mobile payments platform to auto manufacturers and Honda has decided that it will be among the first that will be teaming up with the financial services giant to turn its vehicles into credit cards.

This combination between Visa and Honda to use cars as mobile wallets was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress.

The goal of this combination is to make it possible for people to pay for items they want to purchase using mobile payments services that are built right into their vehicles. That way, they will be able to buy products without ever having to leave their cars. This could be considered to be highly convenient in situations such as paying for fuel or buying food at a drive-thru. The service is based on the Visa Token Service that would help to make sure that the transactions remain secure.

That mobile payments service uses tokens, otherwise known as digital account numbers, for safe storage.

Mobile Payments - DriversVisa has been working with the Honda Developer Studio in order to be able to come up with a proof of concept that would make it possible for shoppers to be able to pay for various products and services such as fuel or parking, while behind the wheel. The idea is that they would be able to use a simple tap of the finger to be able to complete the transaction by way of mobile apps that have been integrated into the vehicle’s infotainment system, which is based on the Android Auto SDK OS.

According to the Visa executive vice president of innovation and strategic partnerships, Jim McCarthy, “The notion of transforming a car into a platform for payments is not as far off as some may think, and we have made a great deal of progress since first introducing the idea one year ago.” He added that by teaming up with Honda in order to be able to test out the prototypes, it brings them that much closer to being able to implement it into a real commercial scenario, “which we think provides exciting opportunities to everyone who plays a role in the payments and automotive ecosystems.”

Honda has already partnered with ParkWhiz in order to test out the mobile payments system. That startup is behind the reservation and payment for off-street parking in New York, Chicago and San Francisco by way of a mobile app or standard website.

Visa releases mobile payments developer platform

The credit card giant has launched its Visa Developer, providing access to some of its top transaction tech.

Visa has now announced that it has launched a new platform called Visa Developer, which provides access to some of the credit card giants most popular traditional and mobile payments services and technologies.

This new release provides access to a range of tech and services, and promises that more are coming soon.

This will include access to person-to person mobile payments capabilities, account holder identification, online payment services (like Visa Checkout), secure in-store payment services, as well as consumer transaction alerts and even currency conversions. The credit card company has confirmed that it will be opining up its payment capabilities access even more as 2016 progresses.

The Visa Developer platform for online and mobile payments has been in its beta phase for several months.

Visa launches mobile payments platformThere have been several companies that have come up with prototype mobile wallet apps based on the use of the Visa Developer platform. Among them have included: National Australia Bank, Emirates NBD, CIBC, Scotiabank, RBC, TD Bank, VenueNext, U.S. Bank, TSYS, and Capital One. This platform works by turning Visa’s various payment services and products into a mobile app programming interface (API).

Among the key features of the platform include:

• That it is a developer portal available around the world.
• It provides ways to search through the payment products and services at Visa.
• It offers sample code, documents, community interactions, reference apps, customer support, blogs and announcements.
• There is a testing sandbox through which a plug and play experience can be used by developers and to allow data to be tested by Visa.
• It is an open platform that allows hundreds of Visa SDKs and APIs to be accessed for some of the most popular products and capabilities the company has to offer.

Developers are able to use this platform to create online and mobile payments workflows such as push payments, peer-to-peer payments, merchant checkouts and even secure transactions through the use of tokenization. Mobile commerce, bill payments, and domestic/international remittance, among others, can also be created through Visa Developer.