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Will the Vine app soon offer 6 second porn?

Pornhub has (jokingly) offered to purchase the mobile application now that Twitter has discontinued it.

Twitter has decided to shut down the Vine app in a choice met with considerable controversy. One of the founders of the mobile app has expressed his regret over the decision. At the same time, the Pornhub adult entertainment site has launched its own promotional stunt bid to acquire it.

When the six second video sharing platform was shut down, Rus Yusupov tweeted his disappointment.

Yusupov is one of the founders of the Vine app. He left the company last year but was still upset with Twitter’s decision to shut it down. Twitter bought the company in 2012 for what was reported to be $30 million.

Vine App X-ratedAccording to Twitter, it decided to cease the Vine platform when that company reported a boost in its own monthly active user growth throughout the third quarter. However, at the same time it dropped 9 percent of its work force. This suggests that it is seeking to slash costs and place the focus on live streaming features.

The Vine app had developed a solid user base and generated a number of famous “Viner” celebrities.

A number of stars found their place on the six second video sharing app. Like Yusupov, those stars headed to Twitter to share their disappointment in the move.

Twitter posted a blog at the end of last week which explained that the Vine application and website wouldn’t be closed immediately. Instead, users will still be able to view and download videos. That said, it also didn’t provide very much information about what will happen to the mobile app now that it is being abandoned.

The blog post said “What’s next? We’ll be working closely with creators to make sure your questions are answered and will work hard to do this the right way.”

Pornhub saw this as a perfect opportunity to create its latest marketing scheme. It has a long history of making joke bids like the one for the Vine app in order to draw attention to itself. It submitted a tongue-in-cheek letter describing the appeal of six second porn videos.

Vine mobile app for Windows Phone boosts capabilities

The popular social media application now boasts a range of new features for these smartphone users.

Vine recently announced the release of a tremendous batch of updates for the version of its mobile app meant for Windows Phone, bringing users brand new editing functions, loop counts, and messaging capabilities.

This particular update is available to users of the Vine app on Windows version 8.1.

Once the mobile app update has been downloaded and installed, users will be able to draw from videos already stored on their smartphones so that they will be able to share it over the social network. They will also have access to functions that will allow them to edit their vines, and they can save their works in draft files so that they can keep their progress until they are ready to actually post it. This update also features additions to the messenger feature of Vine, so that users will be able to hold private message conversations with their friends and privately send them their video clips.

There will also be some metrics that will become available to users through this mobile app, with loop counts.

Windows Phone - Mobile AppsThe new loop count feature will make it possible for users to be able to see how many times a vine has been viewed. Metrics are always popular for individual users and businesses, alike, so this could end up being an appealing new option for users of this mobile application.

Beyond the specific function of the Vine app, the Windows Phone update also provides a range of different design improvements for the activity feed and gives users the chance to be able to select their own background color to their user profiles.

Furthermore, this update is also bringing users a new alert option when they hit milestones. For instance, if one of the vines happens to go viral, then the user will receive an alert. Notifications will also allow users to become aware when friends and other people that they know have joined the platform.

These updates were already made to the mobile app back in August 2014 for iOS and Android based device users, but they have now been added to include Windows Phone users, as well.