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Mobile commerce is booming in Vietnam

Mobile shopping is outpacing traditional e-commerce channels in terms of growth

Mobile commerce is gaining momentum is growing markets. In Vietnam, more consumers are beginning to use their smartphones to make purchases rather than their conventional computers. PC-commerce is shrinking at a slow rate, with the mobile space thriving as more retailers begin to offer mobile-centric services. Lazada, the largest e-commerce company in Vietnam, expects the mobile space to continue growing, noting that the majority of its business now comes from mobile shoppers.

Lazada has high hopes for its mobile shopping endeavors

According to Lazada, approximately 60% of its sales come from mobile shoppers. The company has taken note of an aggressive rise in the demand for mobile shopping support and Lazada is working eagerly to engage consumers and satisfy this demand. In 2015, about 45% of the transactions that were made through the Lazada website came from mobile devices. Lazada expects that this will grow to 65% by the end of this year as more consumers use their smartphones and tablets to shop online.

Consumers in Vietnam consider mobile shopping to be convenient and effective

Mobile Commerce VietnamMobile shopping is growing quickly throughout the Asian market, with smartphone penetration accelerating significantly. In Vietnam, consumers are finding that shopping with their mobile devices is more convenient and, in some ways, more secure. Retailers are embracing this trend, allowing consumers to shop on their websites with their smartphones. Notably, many consumers prefer to use web browsers rather than applications, as browsers provide them with a more enjoyable shopping experience.

Mobile commerce will likely continue seeing strong growth in Vietnam

Mobile commerce has had a major impact on the overall e-commerce market in Vietnam. Many retailers have begun engaging the mobile space, hoping to find more success by supporting mobile shoppers. There are more than 20 million smartphone users in the country, which represents approximately 24% of Vietnam’s populace. Most of these consumers are between the ages of 18 and 35 and are quite comfortable with the concept of mobile shopping.

Mobile shopping is on the rise in the Asia-Pacific region

Consumers in the region are showing favor for mobile commerce

MasterCard has released the results of a new survey that show that mobile shopping is expanding quickly in the Asia-Pacific region. Several countries within the region are beginning to see exponential growth in the mobile commerce sector as more consumers gain access to smartphones and tablets. New mobile shopping services are becoming very popular in this region as well, which is making it easier for consumers to use their mobile devices to shop online and, in some cases, in physical stores.

Vietnam is seeing healthy growth when it comes to mobile shopping

Vietnam is currently ranked as fifth when it comes to the growth of mobile shopping in the Asia-Pacific region. The country falls behind Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and India when it comes to mobile commerce growth. The country ranks eight when it comes to the ratio of consumers shopping with a mobile device, but the percentage of consumers making a purchase from a smartphone in the past three months grew significantly. By the end of 2014, 45.2% of those with smartphones had made a purchase with their device, up from the 39.4% that did so in 2013.

China and India are leading the way in mobile commerce growth

Mobile Shopping on the rise in Asia-Pacific regionChina is currently ranked first in terms of the likeliness for consumers to make a mobile purchase. Chinese consumers taken a strong interest in mobile shopping, largely due to the efforts made by companies like Alibaba, which have worked to make mobile commerce more accessible to consumers throughout the country. India’s mobile shopping space is growing quickly, as well, and the country is becoming one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world.

New opportunities are emerging for retailers in Vietnam

Vietnam holds a great deal of promise when it comes to mobile shopping. The country’s rapidly growing smartphone penetration is creating new opportunities for retailers and organizations involved in mobile commerce. As new services come to the country, more consumers are likely to become involved in mobile shopping and use their devices to make purchases both online and in physical stores.