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Report predicts growth in US mobile commerce

Report provides insight into the future of mobile commerce for the US

Juniper Research, a leading market research firm, has released a new report that predicts the growth of mobile sales in the U.S. Mobile commerce has been growing more popular throughout the country as more consumers become comfortable with the concept of using their smartphones and tablets to pay for products. Consumers are already transitioning well toward using their mobile devices to shop online, but using these devices to purchase products from physical stores is gaining more momentum.

Mobile sales to reach $3.2 trillion by 2017

According to the report, called “Mobile Commerce Markets: Sector-by-Sector Trend Analysis & Forecasts 2013-2017,” consumers are taking up mobile commerce at a rapid pace. The report predicts that mobile sales are well on their way to surpassing $3.2 trillion by 2017, an increase over the $1.5 trillion that is forecast for this year. The report also notes that retailers that have not yet embraced mobile commerce are in the minority.

U.S. Mobile Commerce on the riseNFC technology may be on its way out

Many retailers are putting focus on NFC-based mobile commerce systems in order to meet the needs of consumers. While this has been relatively successful for some due to the fact that NFC technology is a staple of mobile commerce, the time may be coming when this technology is more of a hindrance than a benefit. NFC-enabled devices are still rare in the U.S. market, making NFC-based mobile commerce somewhat exclusive. Moreover, Apple devices do not support NFC technology in any inherent way, which has lead many retailers to seek out alternatives to NFC technology.

Mobile payments are growing around the world

The report expects that mobile commerce will continue to grow in the U.S. and that this growth will largely be powered by consumers and their interests in mobile technology. The U.S. is not the only place mobile commerce is finding traction, of course, as more consumers in Europe and Asia have also been growing more accustomed to new forms of commerce.

Mobile commerce traffic in U.S. is approaching majority

Visitors to American websites are from tablets and smartphones almost half the time.

According to the report that was just published by comScore, 48 percent of the time that is spent at American retail websites comes from mobile commerce traffic originating on tablets and smartphones.

This figure identically reflects the American internet usage share from those devices, at 48 percent.

This is not the first research to makes this type of discovery. An additional recent study, conducted by Monetate, had discovered that mobile commerce made up 21 percent of all worldwide online shopping traffic. It indicated that American consumers are ahead of the curve in terms of focusing this activity through tablets and smartphones.

Another recent report has helped to identify the various reasons that mobile commerce is taking off.

U.S. mobile commerce gaining ground in retailThat was conducted by BI Intelligence. They took a deeper look into the numbers that support this considerable growth. They also looked into specifically at areas of mobile commerce that are contributing to the growth, such as smartphone friendly coupons and catalogs.

Though tablet has a strong reputation as being one of the most important devices for mobile commerce, this research didn’t indicate that the contribution from that device was any greater than its ownership level. In fact, if anything, considering that there are 80 million tablet owners in the United States, this research suggested that the contribution was actually less than its availability.

That discovery from BI Intelligence supports what comScore has discovered, suggesting that when all is said and done, it is smartphone shoppers who are spending a larger amount of money over the span of a quarter than those who are hitting the mobile commerce websites using their tablets.

Even though there has been a massive influx of shoppers using mobile commerce, it is still desktop users who will be spending the most, according to this research. It remains the consumers using their laptops and desktop computers who will drop the most money while shopping online. In fact, during the first quarter of the year, they spent an average of $274 each, where the tablet shoppers spent an average of $91 and smartphone shoppers spent $139.