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Mobile payments see swell of demand in Middle East

Mobile Payments Middle EastMiddle East becoming more interested in mobile payments

Demands for mobile payments are rising in the Middle East. The Middle East is emerging as one of the most favorable markets for mobile commerce, especially when it comes to the United Arab Emirates  and the affluent population of Dubai. Smartphones and tablets are becoming more common throughout the Middle East, exposing consumers to new ways to engage in the world around them. Mobile payments have begun establishing a strong foothold among a new generation of consumers with access to mobile devices.

Universal commerce may be coming in the future

First Data, a leading payment processing company, has coined the term “universal commerce.” This suggests that everyone will be able to participate in a new era of commerce through a singular platform that will be recognized by all retailers and businesses around the world. Such a platform does not have to come from a single company and does not have to be associated with one particular application. Instead, this platform is meant to provide a framework wherein consumers interested in mobile payments can use their smartphones and tablets to purchase products, or use more traditional forms of currency.

First Data finds that Middle East is enthusiastic about mobile payments

According to First Data, consumers in the Middle East are eager for a new way to participate in commerce and that the mobile space may offer the best solution. Research from a study conducted in 2011 by First Data shows that consumers throughout the Middle East are enthusiastic when it comes to online retail, showing strong signs of their support of mobile commerce. The research found that Middle Eastern consumers have a higher chance of participating in mobile payments than any other group in the world.

Mobile commerce finds strong support in Dubai

Mobile commerce has been growing in the Middle East, backed strongly by companies and organizations based in Dubai. The city boasts of one of the most financially active populations in the world, which has given many consumers in Dubai opportunity to engage in mobile commerce before the rest of the region. Those that have participated in the several mobile payments projects that have taken root in the city have praised the convenience and simplicity of mobile commerce.

Mobile payments to become more secure in the Middle East

Mobile Payments Security Middle EastAxiom sets sights on security for mobile payments and beyond

Axiom Telecom, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Middle East, has announced an exclusive partnership with NQ Mobile, a leading developer of security software. Through this partnership, Axiom aims to provide more protection to its Android customers, especially when it comes to the issue of mobile payments. Mobile payments are growing in popularity in the Middle East, especially among affluent consumers in the United Arab Emirates. Security, however, is a major concern for many as their financial information could be at risk of theft and exploitation.

NQ Mobile Security available to Axiom Android customers

Through this new partnership, Axiom Android customers will be able to take advantage of NQ Mobile Security, one of NQ Mobile’s most popular security offerings. This security suite will come pre-loaded on all new Android devices sold by Axiom. Consumers that already have Android devices through Axiom will be able to access the security suite in order to protect their mobile devices from the various threats that exist in the digital world. The suite protects a mobile device against malware, spyware, phishing attempts, viruses, hacking, and other threats that could access a consumer’s information.

Mobile payments continue to face significant threats

As mobile payments become more common, the threats that exist in the digital world are becoming more pronounced. These threats are gaining more attention because of the dangers they pose to a consumer’s financial information. NQ Mobile notes that the number of threats specifically targeting the mobile commerce sector is on the rise and that there is no sign of these threats diminishing any time soon. In order to protect a user’s financial information, the NQ Mobile Security suite also features an anti-theft and anti-loss service. This service will locate, lock, and terminate the digital information that is stored on a mobile device if it is reported as lost or stolen. The device will also sound an alarm in order to signal that it has been stolen.

Axiom seeks to spread awareness of mobile security

Axiom is working to bring more security to the mobile world. Awareness concerning mobile security, especially in regards to mobile payments, is somewhat lacking in the mobile space. Axiom is hoping to address this issue through awareness and by making robust security solutions more available to consumers.