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Survey highlights growth of mobile commerce in the UK

Mobile shopping is on the rise throughout the United Kingdom

Cheil Worldwide has released the results of a recent survey concerning the growth of mobile commerce in the United Kingdom. Consumers in the UK have been growing increasingly mobile as they begin to rely more heavily on their smartphones and tablets. As such, they have begun using these devices to shop more frequently. Mobile commerce allows consumers to shop online from a mobile device wherever they are and this concept has become quite attractive to many people in the United Kingdom.UK - Mobile Commerce Growth

Mobile devices are becoming strong shopping tools for consumers

According to the survey, the mobile commerce market has grown by 63% over the past five years. The majority of this growth was seen over the past two years, driven heavily by the results that retailers had seen during the holiday seasons of 2012 and 2013. The survey shows that approximately 55% of shoppers claimed to have used a mobile device in store, with 54% of these shoppers using their devices to compare prices of products online. Many mobile shoppers also use their devices to research products being offered by multiple retailers.

Many people purchase their mobile devices with shopping in mind

The survey suggests that mobile devices have become one of the most favored shopping tools among consumers. The survey shows that 50% of consumers had shopping in mind when they purchased their mobile devices. These devices are not only being used to research products and compare prices, of course, as many consumers have used their smartphones and tablets to outright purchase the products they are interested in. In the United Kingdom, mobile payments are becoming much more common.

Mobile spending is on the rise

The amount of money people are spending through their mobile devices has more than doubled over the past five years. Consumers appear to favor mobile commerce because of its convenience. Shopping on a mobile device allows them to avoid lines at checkout and the chaos that is often associated with physical stores. During the holiday season, mobile shopping becomes much more common as consumers look to avoid crowds at large stores.

Mobile commerce sales reached 133 percent higher than last year

According to the latest Capgemini figures, UK online retail sales over smartphones and tablets are exploding.

The most recent figures from a study released by Capgemini are showing that online sales struck the £6.8 billion mark, as mobile commerce has taken off in the United Kingdom by 133 percent in August when compared to the same month in 2012.

This included shopping that was conducted over both smartphones and tablets by U.K. consumers.

The figures were calculated as a combined effort between Capgemini and IMRG. They also determined that within that month, overall online sales – including those originating from mobile commerce channels – increased by 18 percent, when compared to the same time last year.

This increase is double what was seen when online and mobile commerce sales from July 2013 were compared with 2012.

Mobile Commerce SalesAn increase in online and mobile commerce sales of only 9 percent were recorded during that period of time. In August, the sales this year were worth £6.8 billion, whereas those from last year in that month were £5.79 billion.

According to the Capgemini retail consulting and technology head, Chris Webster, the increase in mobile commerce sales from £674 million to £1.5 billion is the result of a number of different factors that have occurred over the last 12 months. He stated that “Firstly, the adoption of tablets and smartphones in general is rising all the time and this means sales are rising. Secondly, people are more confident using devices like this to make purchases, especially tablets.”

He also added that companies are now beginning to make their websites compatible with mobile commerce, by creating a shopping experience that has been optimized for the smaller screen and the touchscreen navigation experience. “Rather than trying to reskim their desktop site they are offering an improved customer journey.”

The increase in sales also upped the average shopping cart price. Between July and August, the average total at checkout rose from £72 to £77. Webster attributed this to a strengthening economy and that people are starting to have greater confidence in buying bigger ticket items and making higher end retail purchases.