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Facebook Messenger may soon become a mobile payments platform

Code discovered in Messenger app hints at mobile commerce functionality

Facebook Messenger may soon become a hub for mobile payments. Code hidden within the application itself hints that Facebook may choose to make the app a mobile commerce tool, contrary to what the company had said in the past. Facebook has shown strong interest in mobile commerce, but had not intended to make the Messenger app into a new payment platform, opting instead to focus on other solutions. This may be changing, however, as Facebook begins to feel the need to compete with other companies in the mobile commerce space.

Facebook had been relatively disinterested in mobile payments in the past

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, had claimed that the company was not looking to break into the mobile commerce space in any considerable way. This is contrary to what the company has been dowing in the recent past, however, as Facebook has been making it possible for businesses to connect with consumers more dynamically and making it easier for consumers to purchase products online. Like other companies, Facebook has shown interest in the concept of social commerce, which involves consumers using social media sites to shop for and purchase products.

Social media companies are becoming more involved in mobile commerce

Facebook Mobile PaymentsThe company is not the only one within the social media space that is interested in mobile payments. Twitter, Pinterest, and several other companies have also begun breaking into the mobile commerce market. This market is quite competitive due to the numerous companies that have broken into the sector. Retailers are becoming very eager to embrace mobile shoppers, however, which is forcing social media companies to support mobile payments in order to better serve retailers using their services.

New features may be coming to Facebook Messenger

There are other features coming to Facebook Messenger as well, including a feature that could allow consumers to have “secret conversations.” This could operate in the same way as the “incognito” mode on web browsers, which prevents them from recording browsing history. Facebook has not yet commented on the discovery of the code within the Messenger app, but it may indicate that the company is beginning to grow more aggressive in the mobile commerce space.

Twitter teams with Lookup to offer new mobile payments service in India

Companies are offering more options when it comes to making mobile payments in India

Twitter has partnered with Lookup, developers of an application of the same name that connects consumers with retailers, to bring new mobile payments services to India. The Indian market has proven to be quite prominent in the mobile payments space, largely due to rapidly growing smartphone penetration and the fact that consumers are beginning to use their devices to shop online. The new services will be available through Twitter, and shoppers can use the handle @lookuplite for a variety of purposes.

Twitter will serve as a platform to connect merchants directly with consumers through Lookup

Twitter users will be able to send a direct message to Lookup to receive information about products that they may be interested in. They will also be able to use Lookup’s new handle to make appointments with certain organizations and, in some cases, complete mobile transactions. The social media company will not be handling the transactions made through the new service, serving instead as a sort of middleman for these payments.

Lookup boasts of more than 1.2 million registered users

Mobile Payments - IndiaLookup has been growing in popularity because of its ability to connect merchants directly with consumers. The company boasts of 1.2 million registered users despite only operating in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Through Lookup, consumers are able to find a wealth of information about products being offered by merchants. The service can even be used to set up a transaction, allowing consumers to purchase the products that they are interested in.

India continues to grow as a prominent mobile payments market

India has quickly established its as a prominent mobile payments market. Many consumers have begun using their mobile devices to shop online rather than visit physical stores. They see mobile shopping as more convenient, allowing them to bypass the traditional checkout process. Several organizations have begun coming to the country in order to find success with their mobile commerce endeavors, but competition has proven to be quite fierce in India. Companies like Lookup have managed to establish a strong foothold in India by providing unique services that appeal to mobile shoppers.