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Mobile commerce activity continues to grow in China

Chinese mobile commerce gaining more attention from consumers

China has become a bustling hub of mobile commerce activity in recent years. This is largely due to the massive number of young consumers that have access to mobile technology. These consumers have shown that they are beginning to favor new forms of commerce over traditional forms of commerce and have taken to the mobile space in order to find a more convenient way to purchase products and shop online. In China, two of the country’s largest technology companies are beginning to focus a great deal of their attention on the field of mobile commerce in order to engage a new generation of consumers.

Companies work to promote new forms of commerce

The Alibaba Group and Tencent are two of China’s most influential technology companies. Both companies have strong ties to the retail and gaming spaces, where they work to engage consumers on a regular basis. Because of the companies’ focus on technology, they have taken notice of the meteoric rise of mobile commerce among consumers, as well as the increasingly popularity of location-based services. Location-based technologies have been quite useful in exposing consumers to mobile commerce as these technologies are often used in advertisements that direct consumers to e-commerce sites.

Chinese Mobile CommerceAlibaba favors location-based services and Tencent focuses on social applications

Alibaba is keen to throw more support behind location-based services in order to make mobile commerce more prolific among consumers. The company has invested more than $800 million in these technologies coming from companies like Weibo and AutoNavi. Tencent has shown more subdued interest in location-based services, but does believe that popular social tools, such as the famous WeChat messaging application, could be a powerful way to encourage consumers to participate in mobile commerce providing them details about shops that allow for mobile purchases.

China is establishing itself as a leading market in mobile commerce

China is often considered one of the most active markets when it comes to mobile commerce. Both Alibaba and Tencent have managed to capture the attention of mobile consumers that are eager to take advantage of the capabilities of technology and these consumers have been growing more comfortable with the idea of mobile commerce.

Kamcord wins strong financial backing

kamcord wins financial backingKamcord aims to revolutionize mobile gaming

Being able to record and share gameplay, especially from a mobile device, is a very alluring concept to a large number of gamers. Sites like YouTube, Twitch, and Own3d offer users the ability to stream their gameplay sessions, which can be seen by thousands of game enthusiasts around the world. The ability to record and share gameplay has been largely absent from the mobile space until very recently. Kamcord, a company that specializes in recording mobile gaming,  has managed to bring new services to gamers that have been eager to record their gaming session on their favorite mobile devices.

Mobile gaming continues to dominate the game industry

Mobile gaming has become a major part of the game industry. The high penetration of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, has provided game and application developers with a promising opportunity to engage a huge number of consumers around the world. Streaming services have established a strong foothold with gamers, many of whom have shown intense interest and support for mobile gaming.

Kamcord received $1.5 million in funding

Kamcord has announced that it has raised a total of $1.5 million in seed funding that will help it further enhance its mobile gaming recording services. Earlier this year, Kamcord introduced its mobile game recording SDK to developers, which was well received. Backed by new funding, the company is keen to continue developing innovative services and platforms for those interested in recording their mobile gaming experiences.

Funding may help Kamcord move into Android platform

The funding that Kamcord received comes from Google Ventures, Tencent, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Andreessen Horowitz. The money may help Kamcord tackle the Android platform, which it has avoided thus far. Kamcord is comprised of a small team, which has limited the company’s focus on the iOS platform. Kamcord has interest in entering the Android space in the future in order to provide better services to a wider range of gamers.