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FlexTouch Introduces Touch Solution Optimized for E-Book Applications

San Jose, CA March 08, 2023 –(PR.com)– FlexTouch Technologies Co. (“FlexTouch”), a leading provider of metal mesh touch sensors for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial control devices, today announces it is introducing a touch solution optimized for e-book applications.

Due to their advantages such as eye-friendly display and low power consumption, e-books are quickly becoming the popular choice for electronic reading devices, especially for students. However, compared to devices with LCD displays, several challenges remain that prevent e-books from being more widely adopted. For example, e-books require brighter and whiter backgrounds; the current approach requires two separate solutions for stylus and finger touch; e-book panels emit more electronic noise than LCD displays and require the touch sensor to be more noise tolerant.

FlexTouch copper-based metal mesh sensors provide the lowest sheet resistance and highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), which offer the best touch performance for e-books. Because copper-based touch sensors simultaneously provide stylus and finger touch, they eliminate the need for a second touch layer, thus lowering the overall product thickness and cost. FlexTouch’s substrate for e-books is brighter and whiter, thus improving the cosmetics of the product. In addition, FlexTouch can manufacture sensors with sub-3-micron line width, which further improves product cosmetics.

“We continue to innovate and diversify our product offering,” says Esat Yilmaz, CTO of FlexTouch. “e-book is an important market for FlexTouch. By combining our expertise in product design, process control, and material development, we optimized our metal mesh touch sensor solution to provide the best solution for the e-book market.”

About FlexTouch
FlexTouch is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative touch sensors enabling touch display devices for consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, automotive, and industrial control devices. FlexTouch Technologies was founded in California, with R&D offices in Silicon Valley and manufacturing facilities in Wuzhen, China.

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Mission Microwave Certified Great Place to Work, 2022-2024

Cypress, CA March 07, 2023 –(PR.com)– Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC, a manufacturer Gallium Nitride (GaN) based Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Block Upconverters (BUCs) has announced it has been certified as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) in 2023. It is the second time Mission Microwave has been recognized for this achievement since its founding in 2014.

“We are incredibly proud to share that we’ve been recognized as one of the GPTW in America,” said Farah Marinero, Director of Human Resources. “Thanks to the efforts of our team and the continued support of our customers, Mission Microwave was once again certified by the Great Place to Work® Institute. These recognitions are meaningful reflections of our culture and the achievements of our organization.”

“We are proud to say that 92% of our employees said Mission Microwave is a great place to work, compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. We also continue to grow, increasing our head count to over 70 since 2014.”

You can learn more about what our employees have to say about Mission Microwave here.

Mission Microwave continues to seek out skilled team members to join their growing team. Visit the Mission Microwave career page for open positions.

About Mission Microwave Technologies, LLC
Mission Microwave Technologies brings revolutionary design for RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave electronics, supporting ground-based, airborne, and space-based applications. Using the latest in semiconductor technology, Mission Microwave’s focus is to minimize the size, weight, and power (SWaP) for these critical applications, while providing its customers with the best possible reliability. Mission Microwave sets the new standard for design, performance, and reliability.

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