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Tag Heuer to increase its wearable technology production

The designer company will now be producing 1,200 to 2,000 of its Carrera Connected per week.

As Tag Heuer faces a rising demand for its wearable technology from retailers, the designer brand has chosen to boost the production of its Carrera Connected smartwatch device by a considerable amount.

The Swiss watchmaker will now be increasing the rate of wearables production to 1,200 to 2,000 weekly units.

This wearable technology is designed to be a highly attractive and very chic version of an Android Wear smartwatch. According to the CEO of the company, Jean Claude Biver, Tag Heuer will also be stopping all its online sales of this device until around May or June 2016 in order to give the company the opportunity to catch up with the tremendous demand from retailers selling in-store.

This device represents the first entry of a luxury watch manufacturer into wearable technology.

Wearable Technology - Tag HeuerBiver brought Tag Heuer into this category with a massive amount of popularity, at just the time when people were starting to have genuine doubts as to whether or not there would ever be a luxury smartwatch based on the Android Wear operating system.

Among the features that make the Carrera wearables stand out in this category include the titanium construction, as well as the trans-reflective display. The appearance of the device is quite chic, with an elegance that takes it a full step above most of the other smartwatches that are currently available.

Biver has since stated that Tag Heuer intends to continue producing Connected wearable technology devices and that new models will likely become available as soon as late 2016 or early 2017. This, in response to the large and growing interest that consumers have already shown in high end smartwatches. Many have speculated that the next models of the devices that the designer will issue will probably feature gold components as well as the possibility of the inclusion of diamonds.

According to Biver, “Considering the success of this single and unique watch, we will develop a collection made out of different varieties, executions and materials at the end of next year or beginning of 2017.”

Smartwatch from TAG Heuer and Intel to be unveiled at CES 2015

The wearable technology industry will soon have a new player that has been an expert in both time pieces and computing.

The first smartwatch to be released by TAG Heuer has now had its introduction announced, and it will be occurring in Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2015.

This is considered to be an important entry into the wearable technology industry, considering who is behind it.

The smartwatch is going to be powered by Intel and will receive its debut at one of the most notable annual technology events. In 2015, it will begin on January 5, and this is reported to be the time in which the wearable tech will be unveiled. This should make the market a little bit more interesting, particularly as Apple is expected to release its own Apple Watch for sale early in 2015, as well. That device was already unveiled in September.

The news that TAG Heuer was actually building a smartwatch is not new, as this was announced in September.

Smartwatch - Tag Heuer LogoThat technology news came from the head of watch operations at the company, Jean-Claude Biver. Back when that announcement was made, he assured consumers that this device would in no way be seen as a dupe for an Apple Watch, and that other forms of digital watches would become a type of jumping off point for its design – such as the sailing watch that was made for the Oracle team by TAG.

It also comes as no surprise that Intel will be powering the wearables to be launched by TAG. The chipmaker giant has been quite open about its pursuit of anyone who is looking to step into the wearable technology industry. It has also taken part in powering the Fossil gadgets that are expected to launch in the near future, as well as the MICA bracelet that is designed with snakeskin and gemstones. It has also entered into a partnership for smart specs with Luxottica, the giant fashion organization.

What has yet to be known about the smartwatch from TAG Heuer has primarily to do with the software that will be used on the device, as the products that are currently on the market are typically considered to be greatly lacking in that area.