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Will wearable technology turn us all into comic book-style super-humans?

A recent study in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education says big things are coming.

The outcome of a new study has now been published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education and has suggested that wearable technology will give people the ability to “do things they could not do before.”

From the sounds of it, we could be headed into quite the fascinating future in terms of our potential.

There have already been devices and mobile apps being demoed as prototypes that have shown that it won’t be long before wearable technology will be helping people to be able to see, hear and even speak better than was ever possible for them. This includes assisting people who have never been able to see, hear or speak in their lives, or who have had those abilities limited or removed by illness or injury.

That said, the potential for wearable technology is there for virtually everyone, said the study.

Wearable Technology - SuperheroesThe research said that providing solutions for various challenges will turn wearables into more than just a fad. Instead, there researchers believe that there will be super-powers on their way as a result of the use of these devices. The research pointed out that the responses of the participants frequently brought up abilities and powers that “normal humans” don’t have. Among the sixteen total professionals in wearable tech who were surveyed, twelve believed that the devices would one day provide users with abilities beyond those that come naturally to them.

Among those who are most likely to benefit from wearables, according to the survey respondents, are the “less-able bodied and the able bodied,” which essentially appears to imply that everyone will be able to find a use for these devices in one way or another.

Among those who are less-able bodied, there will be wearable technology such as improved hearing aids and other devices that will assist them to be able to do what they previously haven’t been able to, or enhance their abilities in areas in which they have been physically limited. On the other hand, in the case of the able-bodied, one of the respondents, Mary, explained that “people who have able bodies able to do things that they could not do.”

Augmented reality brings Edward the talking bird to an Asus campaign

SuperHeroes has worked AR technology into a new mobile marketing strategy for the consumer electronics company.

The creative agency known as SuperHeroes has now worked a new augmented reality features into a mobile marketing campaign for the Asus electronics company, featuring a talking bird named Edward.

The app was created through different partnerships with SuperHeroes, including with MiniVegas and Magic Bullet.

Together, the companies developed an augmented reality app in order to be able to create a talking bird named Edward who will sit on the shoulder of the mobile device user. The app has become one component of a broader mobile marketing campaign for the 2 in 1 Transformer book by Asus. This AR tech based app uses the front facing camera on smartphones in order to be able to allow their users to both view and interact with Edward.

When looking at the phone’s display, the augmented reality image of Edward is viewed on the device user’s shoulder.

According to a statement from SuperHeroes, a company based in Amsterdam, “Using the phone’s front camera we developed a face and shoulder detection algorithm that determines the location of the shoulder, allowing us to perfectly position everyone’s favorite bird with arms right on your shoulder.”

Edward then acts as a spokesbird for Asus and provides the mobile device user with an explanation of the Asus Transformer Book T100HA and his vision of its use. Throughout the interaction with Edward, the user can watch him fly his jetpack, juggle, dance, and can even take selfies with the user. The hope is that this interactivity will draw the attention of the user and make him or her not only more willing to hear what Edward has to say, but also to retain it and act upon it due to the positive experience they’ve enjoyed throughout the use of the app.

The augmented reality app is already available for both Android and Windows smartphone users and is available in their official app stores. That said, according to Superheroes, Apple has boycotted the app and will not sell it on iTunes due to a conflict of interests.