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A top spot in the smartphone market will belong to India by 2017

This will have the highly populated country taking the second position away from the United States.

According to a new report that has recently been released by Strategy Analytics, by the year 2017, India will have taken over the second spot when it comes to the leading players in the smartphone market.

If this is true, it will mean that India will have taken over the position in the mobile technology industry from the U.S.

In fact, this smartphone market study suggests that the top three players will have a direct correlation to the size of their population from 2017, forward. The report showed that India would take the second to the top position from the United States within the next two years, while China will continue to hold its first place seat. Although smartphone penetration is considered to be relatively low among the Indian population, as only somewhere from 110 to 120 million people (out of a massive 1.2 billion people) actually have these devices, it is believed by many in the industry that this is going to take a rather sudden and important change over the next short period of time.

The belief is that the size of the Indian population simply makes it too important for the smartphone market to ignore.

India top of smartphone marketThe report stated that “No serious global hardware or software player can afford to ignore the huge Indian smartphone market today.” It also pointed out that this year, alone, there would be 115 million smartphones purchased by people in India. It speculated that in the year 2017, there would be 174 million sold throughout that year, alone.

The reason that many experts believe that the Indian mobile market has suddenly become so hot is that there have been a range of new smartphone companies that have popped up all over the country, such as Micromax. These companies have managed to create a smartphone market in which these and other mobile devices are affordable to the people in India, while still offering them the same types of features that the more expensive devices from outside the country have to offer.

Latest smartphone trends show 25 percent surge in LG sales

The success of the LG G3 is being credited for a large part of the successes that the company has experienced.

LG Electronics Inc. has been sitting in the shadow of its larger South Korean counterpart, when it comes to leading the top smartphone trends, but it has still managed to be able to carve out its own space within this market.

According to some of the latest figures, 2014 represented considerable progress in the rise of that business.

The smartphone trends at LG looked very good in 2014, at which time industry sources claim that it saw an increase in year over year sales of 25 percent. This greatly had to do with the popularity of the LG G3 model. Last year, this second largest tech company in South Korea was estimated to have shipped 59.6 million mobile phone units. This represented an increase of 25.2 percent over the figures from 2013, which were 47.6 million shipped units.

LG has been a part of global smartphone trends since 2009, when it first entered into that market.

Smartphone Trends - LG SalesIn 2011, LG’s sale of smartphones had already reached 20 million units, said Strategy Analytics data. By 2012, that had increased to 26.3 million units, which shows a rapid rise in the sale of these mobile devices. Within the first half of last year, LG had already released an announcement that said that it had broken its own records in selling smartphones, after having sold 14.5 million of those mobile devices in the first six months. The company, itself, was already crediting the success of the G3 in South Korea for that achievement.

In 2014, the G line smartphones from LG proved to be very popular, including the G3, but also the G3 Beat and the G3 Stylus. That said, another addition to the increase in sales from the mobile technology manufacturer was because of the LG Wine Smart, which was a flip phone that provided users with buttons that would offer a direct connection to KakoTalk, a popular messaging platform.

Still, despite the strong smartphone trends for LG in 2014, it still sits behind its Chinese rivals, Huawei Technologies, and Xiaomi. That said, its forecast for 2015 is looking quite strong and many industry experts are expecting that its shares and profitability will both continue to rise.