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StoreHippo aims to make mobile commerce easier for retailers

Platform to leverage its new “truly mobile” technology

StoreHippo, an innovative commerce platform, is looking to tap into the promising mobile commerce market with its “truly mobile” technology. The platform caters to online retailers, providing them with an efficient way to launch digital stores and engage consumers more effectively, especially those that have come to rely on their mobile devices to shop. The company’s technology is meant to enable retailers to provide a mobile-centric experience that presents an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience for consumers.

Platform will allow retailers to make convenient and enjoyable mobile stores for consumers

The StoreHippo platform is meant to provide retailers with several benefits that will let them compete in the mobile space more effectively. One of the benefits is the support of single-page architecture, which is used to provide a better utilization of bandwidth, which is essential for mobile shoppers that have to be careful with the data consumption. The architecture allows for faster page loads, which make shopping more convenient for consumers that use their smartphones and tablets. The platform also offers various aesthetic services that aim to make digital stores more attractive to consumers.

Digital stores are gaining favor among retailers

Digital stores are becoming more important for retailers that want to engage mobile consumers. While most consumers favor shopping in physical stores and conducting traditional commerce, the logistics and costs associated with holding physical inventory and working with the global supply chain is becoming a concern for retailers. Digital stores represent a relatively cost effective way to engage consumers that want to shop online, especially when it comes to mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce may lead to the emergence of more companies like StoreHippo

Mobile commerce is likely to become a more powerful force in the retail space in the coming years, which means that more platforms like StoreHippo are expected to emerge in the future. StoreHippo will already face competition from other companies that are providing similar services, but it if can enable retailers to become more mobile-centric in a cost effective manner, it may gain the support of retailers with significant mobile audiences.

Indian retailers may be more prepared for mobile commerce

Survey shows that mobile sites and apps are priorities for retailers

Indian retailers may be ahead of other companies when it comes to preparing for the rise of mobile commerce. StoreHippo, a platform that provides retailers with mobile e-commerce websites, has released the results of its latest survey concerning the retail sector and its engagement of the mobile space. The survey found that many retailers believe that mobile sites and applications are extremely important for all businesses. In other countries, retailers are lagging behind in mobile engagement.

Retailers are more likely to succeed if they have mobile websites and applications

The survey shows that 78% of respondents felt that retailers that have mobile websites and mobile apps are more likely to succeed in the changing market. A growing number of consumers are beginning to use their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products, both online and in physical stores. Retailers are beginning to feel pressure to engage the growing mobile audience and this involves the development of a mobile website and, in some cases, mobile applications that support mobile commerce.

2015 may be the year when mobile commerce experiences explosive growth

Mobile Commerce - Shopping Mall in IndiaStoreHippo CEO Rajiv Kumar believes that 2015 will be the year in which mobile commerce comes into its own. Increasing Internet and smartphone penetration is having a major impact on the way consumers shop. Retailers that adapt to changing market trends are more likely to find success among mobile consumers. Those that refuse to become mobile friendly may find it more difficult to compete with other retailers and could face obsolescence in the coming years.

India continues to be a prominent mobile commerce market

India is considered one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. More consumers are becoming interested in mobile commerce, which is pressuring retailers to become more mobile-centric in order to connect with a new generation of consumers. India is likely to continue growing as a prominent power in the mobile commerce sector as more companies and consumers become involved in this space.