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Starbucks to launch new mobile commerce service next year

Company announces plans to make new services available nationwide in 2015

Starbucks is planning to launch a new service for iPhone users next year. The service is called Mobile Order & Pay and has already been made available in Oregon as part of a pilot project. Next year, the company plans to make this service available throughout the U.S., allowing customers to place orders from their iPhone before they even set foot in a Starbucks store. The service is part of the company’s ongoing mobile commerce mission.

Users of the new service will be able to place and pay for orders before they set foot in a Starbucks store

Starbucks has established a strong place in the U.S. mobile commerce space. The company has been seeing a significant portion of its business come from mobile consumers in recent years and has been building new services that cater specifically to these consumers. Many people can already pay for their orders using a mobile device in Starbucks stores, but the new service will allow them to place orders before they arrive at these stores. Mobile Order & Pay will inform users when their order will be ready and these orders can be paid for in advance.

16% of Starbucks’ in-store transactions come from mobile devices

Mobile Commerce - StarbucksApproximately 16% of Starbucks’ in-store transactions are made through a mobile device, according to Adam Brotman, the company’s Chief Digital Officer. Brotman notes that Starbucks has been actively working on mobile services in order to engage consumers more effectively and the company’s endeavors have been paying off thus far.

Mobile Order & Pay service may be available for the Android platform at some point in the future

The Mobile Order & Pay service will initially only be available for iPhone devices. The service’s availability on other devices may be expanded in the future, if the demand is high enough. Many Starbucks customers already use their iOS devices to purchase products, but a growing number of Android users are beginning to do so as well. Android devices hold a strong place in the mobile commerce space, but lag behind iOS devices when it comes to mobile payments.

Starbucks to launch mobile commerce initiative for the holidays

Company has ambitious plans for the holiday season

Starbucks has some big plans for the holiday season. The company intends to entice consumers into its stores during the holidays by offering mobile ordering and pay services this year. The company plans to launch this initiative in Oregon before possibly rolling it out to other states throughout the country. Starbucks sees a great deal of promise in the mobile commerce space and aims to connect with consumers that are shopping via mobile devices this year.

Starbucks continues to find success by engaging mobile consumers in dynamic ways

Starbucks has managed to establish a strong presence in the mobile payments space. The company teamed with payment solutions provider Square a few years ago and the two companies have managed to engage mobile consumers effectively since then. Using the Starbucks mobile application, consumers can pay for products at certain stores from their mobile devices, providing people with a more convenient way to pay.

Company to introduce new rewards for its loyalty program members

mobile commerce - StarbucksThe company plans to introduce new offers for its loyalty program members. Starbucks will be offering access to special events and previews of new products that it will be offering in the future. Rewards can be redeemed for all of the company’s brands. There is also a chance to win Starbucks coffee for life for those that are making payments from a mobile device.

Consumers will be able to place orders in advance and pay for these orders from their mobile devices

In the coming weeks, Starbucks will be offering people a chance to place orders for drinks and other products from their smartphones. These orders can be placed in advanced, before a consumer actually visits a physical store. Payments can also be made in advance, and consumers can visit a Starbucks store to pick up their purchased products. Starbucks anticipates that it will see significant success with its mobile commerce initiative. Mobile shopping has become quite popular among consumers, especially during the holiday season, when people are looking for more convenient ways to pay for products.