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NFC mobile payments users are better tippers

According to a new survey from Square, customers who pay using NFC tech are more likely to tip.

NFC mobile payments are fast and are virtually instantaneous. This may be one of the reasons why consumer who use this type of payment tend to tip more compared to those who pay using traditional methods like magstripe cards. According to a study conducted in Portland by California-based mobile payment firm Square, 73% of customers who used near field communications (NFC) payments at point of sale (POS) left tips compared to only 67% of customers who used magnetic stripe cards.

Square spent six weeks in Portland educating local businesses about contactless payments.

For more than two months, Square remained in Portland for its #PayFasterPortland campaign. During the campaign, an increasing number of Portlanders began using their mobile devices to pay at local businesses that upgraded to Square’s new contactless and chip reader device.

Thousands of Portland sellers implemented Square’s new chip card and NFC mobile payments reader.

NFC Mobile Payments - Square Square’s chip card and NFC reader is a small pocket-sized device with a powerful battery. It wirelessly connects to Android or iOS mobile devices and is made for NFC and chip, accepting EVM chip cards and Apple Pay as well as other contactless payments. The mini device is also designed to work with the free POS Square app

According to the official Square blog, Portland now has the highest “tap-to-pay” rates in the United States.

“Even before #PayFasterPortland, the city was number one in the country for orders for our new contactless and chip reader. And now the rate of people in Portland paying on Square’s new reader with mobile wallets like Apple Pay is higher than the national average,” the blog noted.

Square began rolling out its first contactless readers in November of last year. In March 2016, the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey revealed that the reader received over 350,000 pre-orders.

Due to the ease and speed of NFC mobile payments and with more businesses implementing the necessary devices that enable them to offer this payment option, this tech is likely to grow among both businesses and consumers across the country. It will be interesting to see if the high tipping percentage continues among NFC users.

Square breaks into the Australian mobile payments market

Square is coming to Australia

Square, a prominent mobile payments firm, has expanded into the Australian market. The company has made its payment service available in the United States, Canada, and Japan, where it has found significant success in the past. While considered successful, Square has been experiencing some turbulence in recent months, largely due to falling stock prospects and growing competition in the mobile commerce space. The growing demand for new payment services in Australia may secure a brighter future for Square if it manages to effectively connect with consumers.

Company has managed to find success by expanding access to mobile commerce among consumers

Square launched in 2009, receiving strong support from several technology companies and organizations interested in mobile payments. The company had developed an accessory for mobile devices that allowed iOS and Android devices to make mobile transactions, even if they were not equipped with NFC technology. This accessory earned Square early popularity among consumers and put the company in direct competition with others that had developed similar accessories for mobile devices.

Square will be offering different products in Australia than it does in the US

Australia - Mobile PaymentsIn Australia, Square will be selling its mobile card reader for $19. Merchants using Square’s mobile payments services will be charged 1.9% per transaction being made. This is somewhat different from what Square offers in the United States, where its mobile card reader is free, but merchants can purchase a full-sized point-of-sale system for $99. In the U.S., merchants are charged 2.75% per mobile transaction being made. Square has not yet announced plans to launch its new contactless payment reader in Australia, but may choose to do so in the future.

Company to compete with Apple in the Australian payments market

Australia is becoming a competitive mobile payments market, with several companies bringing their new payment platforms to the country. Recently, Apple released its payment service in Australia, which Square is set to compete with. Square may find a place in the market among small and medium sized retailers who want to engage mobile consumers more effectively, thereby securing a degree of success in Australia.