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Social media trends are leading to new opportunities in mobile commerce

Appearance anxiety is changing the way people shop online

Appearance anxiety is having an effect on the way people, particularly young women, shop. Social media has become overwhelmingly popular among Millennials, many of whom enjoy sharing pictures of themselves online. This is beginning to change the way young women shop online, however, especially when it comes to fashion. Many Millennials are becoming concerned that they will look too stale if they have a limited wardrobe. Appearing in multiple pictures wearing the same or similar clothing as others is leading to an increase in shopping.

Millennials are becoming more interested in shopping due to what they see on social media platforms

This is called the “Instagram effect” and it may be good news for retailers. Because Millennials are feeling more pressure to diversify their fashion, they are beginning to shop more frequently, especially online. For retailers involved in mobile commerce, this trend could lead to new opportunities in the social media space. Many retailers are beginning to use social networks to try and sell products. This is often referred to as “social commerce” and it could have a major impact on the way retailers connect with consumers in the future.

Retailers may need to focus more on engaging the mobile commerce space

Social Media - Mobile CommerceThere is a risk in this, however, as retailers may give up more of their marketing and promotional capabilities to social media platforms. These platforms are beginning to play a larger role in the mobile commerce space, with several platforms introducing “buy buttons” that make it easier for consumers to purchase products online from their mobile devices. As Millennials become more influenced by what they see on social media sites, these buy buttons are gaining more popularity.

Retailers and social media companies will have to work together

Mobile commerce is well on its way to becoming a mainstream success with significant economical influence. As social media platforms begin to play a larger role in this space, retailers will have to become more conscious of how emerging trends are affecting the shopping behavior of consumers. They will also have to find a way to work effectively with social media companies in order to engage consumers.

New platform set to bring more attention to social commerce

WeStore platform combines mobile commerce with social media

LightInTheBox, an online retail company, recently launched its new WeStore platform, which combines social medial and mobile commerce. The platform is available for both Android and iOS devices and supports 18 languages and mobile Internet browsers. WeStore is meant to be driven by social networks, connecting consumers together and using this to encourage shopping online and the purchase or products. This is a concept that is becoming more important to the retail space known as social commerce.

Social commerce is gaining momentum in the retail space

Social commerce is relatively new and involves the blending of mobile shopping on social networks. Social media plays a significant role in the lives of mobile consumers and heavily supports social interaction among people throughout the world. Retailers can use social networks to effectively engage consumers. Many people also talk about their purchases on social media sites, which can influence other consumers and encourage them to purchase similar products from brands.

New platform could open up new opportunities in the e-commerce space for both consumers and retailers

social commerce - Man with tabletWeStore allows users to create their own mobile store and sell products leveraging the power of social networks. Users can take pictures of the products they wish to sell and share these via social sites and apps, including Whatsapp. LightInTheBox believes that the platform will lead to new opportunities in domestic and international e-commerce, which may help further promote the growth of social commerce.

LightInTheBox reports a 30% increase in mobile revenue during the first quarter

At the end of March, LightInTheBox reported that it saw a 30% increase in mobile revenue during the first quarter of the year. The company’s net revenue has also increase by 7.4%, reaching $87.6 million, an increase from the $81.5 million it reported in the first quarter of 2014. Mobile commerce is showing healthy growth in various sectors and social media is beginning to grow more powerful in the mobile world. As the two continue to mingle, social commerce is likely to become a very powerful force in the retail space.