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Report highlights the potential of mobile commerce in the UK

 Mobile commerce to have significant impact on UK retail industry

The Economist Intelligence Unit, an independent research and analysis firm operating in the European Union, has released a new report concerning the impact of e-commerce, mobile commerce, and social commerce on the retail industry in the United Kingdom. UK retailers have been seeing an increase in demand from consumers interested in using their mobile devices as payment platforms. In response, many retailers have begun adopting mobile commerce systems, such as NFC terminals, as well as bolstering their online presence to be more accommodating of social commerce and e-commerce.

New commerce to make up a third of all retail sales in the UK in 10 years

The report predicts that sales from e-commerce, m-commerce, and s-commerce are to make up more than a third of all sales in the UK within the next ten years. These types of commerce account for roughly 10% of all retail sales made in the UK currently. Social commerce is one of the most rapidly growing forms of commerce emerging in the UK. This form of concept refers to sales made through social media sites, like Facebook and Google+. E-commerce has always been a popular option for consumers that prefer not to visit physical stores, but mobile commercMobile Commerce in the UKe may become the leading form of commerce amongst all consumers.

Mobile commerce may reign supreme

The report shows that mobile commerce is growing in popularity and may soon become the primary shopping medium amongst consumers by 2022. The report suggests that consumers are more likely to make impulsive purchases when using mobile commerce platforms, thus giving retailers even more incentive to become more accommodating to these consumers. Given that many of these consumers are constantly connected to social media sites, both mobile commerce and social commerce initiative may stand to net major gains for retailers in the UK.

More consumers expected to participate in new forms of commerce in coming years

Online sales channels continue to outperform traditional channels. The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts that consumers will favor online channels throughout the next ten years, especially as more retailers adopt mobile commerce services and the availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices grows. Several companies are experimenting with alternatives to NFC technology that may broaden the horizon of mobile commerce, as well. These efforts are expected to bring more consumers into the fold and add further momentum to new forms of commerce in UK and around the world.

Elizabeth Arden embraces augmented reality marketing

Augmented reality marketing campaign launched by Elizabeth Arden

Leading beauty products company Elizabeth Arden has embraced augmented reality for the launch of its Wonderstruck Enchanted Taylor Swift fragrance. The company has chosen Aurasma, one of the world’s leading augmented reality platform, in order to create an interactive print marketing campaign for the product. The augmented reality marketing campaign began in the U.S. in late August and is expected to kick off in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks.

Augmented reality marketing continues to generate hype

Augmented reality marketing is becoming more popular as more consumers get their hands on advanced mobile devices. These devices are capable of handling the demands imposed by augmented reality technology, allowing consumers to experience dynamic digital content wherever they may be. Elizabeth Arden believes that an augmented reality marketing campaign is an ideal way to engage consumers who have a large appetite for new, technology-based experiences. The technology may also help revitalize traditional print marketing tElizabeth Arden Augmented Reality Marketingechniques by making them more robust and interactive.

Consumers can receive fragrance samples and digital video in the mail

Smart phone owners with an Aurasma application can access the digital content being offered through the campaign. This content is dilvered to consumers through a direct mail package, which they can sign up for via the Wonderstruck Facebook page. Those signing up for the package will receive a sample of the new fragrance in the mail, along with instructions on how to access the digital content contained within the package. Using the Aurasma application, consumers will be able to see an exclusive video.

Consumers shows enthusiasm in augmented reality marketing campaigns

Augmented reality marketing continues to show how capable it is in engaging a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. Indeed, many consumers have shown a great deal of interest in participating in augmented reality marketing campaigns because of the possibility of receiving access to exclusive content or deals. Among businesses, Aurasma has become one of the most popular platforms through which to launch an interactive advertisement