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Social media marketing campaigns aren’t ready for negative responses

A recent survey has shown that less than half of marketers know how to handle unwanted attention.

According to the results of recent research conducted by eMarketer, over 88 percent of all businesses are using social media marketing as of this year, and yet the majority of them are still struggling to be able to properly use this channel and measure their campaign successes.

Moreover, almost half of those marketers don’t know how to handle negative posts.

According to Social Media Marketing University (SMMU) a training firm for the use of this channel, one in four marketers do not have a plan for handling negative posts against them, but they are trying to develop one. Nearly that many, again, have absolutely no plan for dealing with negative social media attention and have no intention of trying to create one.

That said, despite the lack of negative social media marketing plan, the majority will still respond.

social media marketing - confused marketersSMMU’s stats showed that even though more than half of marketers don’t have a set strategy for dealing with negative posts in an effective way, the majority will respond to it. Moreover, many will create their response within an hour of the appearance of the negative post, in the first place. Another 52 percent said that they will respond within the first twenty four hours following the negative posting. Only five of all of the respondents to the survey said that they either hardly ever, or never, respond to negative attention over social media.

Among the respondents, Walmart was one that had previously taken a rather passive strategy when t comes to what its critics are posting over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. That said, it has since changed its tune. In the past, it simply used these channels as a fast, easy, and affordable way to help to create a push for its messages. However, this direction changed considerably last year as it began to provide rapid responses to negative posts, with a special effort to keep up positive posting and by providing information to correct misunderstandings.

This is a common evolution in social media marketing strategies as companies slowly begin to understand the way in which they can not only share their news but also interact and engage with consumers.

Social media marketing is boosting mobile commerce

Recent research is indicating that this channel is an important route to generating trends and conversions.

As smartphone penetration continues its rapid rise, it has been predicted by recent research that social media marketing over these devices will play a growing role in the success of mobile commerce.

The popularity of smartphones is bringing an increase in the growth of the use of online content from those sources.

For example, a recent report from Brafton indicated that smartphone users and tablet users have increased their visits to websites by 52 percent this year, when compared to the same time last year. Moreover, the design of a brand’s site can elicit various reactions from visitors. Done properly, and optimized for a smaller screen and touchscreen functions, brands can elicit excitement and a drive to learn more and take action – such as make a purchase – leading to a potential rise in conversions.

Social media marketing helps to drive consumers to those landing pages so that they can be converted.

Social media marketing mobile commerce boostAnother report, this time from Vision Critical, determined that social media marketing can also help mobile commerce by easing the transition to the channel from having only been on the standard web. Even when the smartphone optimized or responsive website has not yet been created, brands can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube to help to make sure that they are making themselves present, available, and relevant to smartphone consumers, even before an official website or app (or both) remain in the pipeline.

In the Vision Critical survey, 35 percent of mobile Twitter users said that they completed all of their social media marketing inspired purchases right from their smartphones. Moreover, an additional 46 percent said that they did most or some of those purchases from their devices. Only 19 percent said that they transferred over to their desktops or laptops to complete the transaction.

This suggests that social media marketing can directly lead to conversions over mobile commerce. It was supported further as the trend was not isolated to Twitter. Among Facebook users, 17 percent said that they always used their device for that reason, while 40 percent said that they did for part of them. Among Pinterest users, the figures were 19 percent and 43 percent, respectively.