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Millenials are leading the growth of mobile commerce

Report shows that younger consumers are influencing the mobile commerce space

A new report from Global Web Index shows that young consumers are powering the growth of mobile commerce. Younger demographics are more likely to participate in mobile shopping because they are more comfortable with smartphones, tablets, and other devices. They appear to be less concerned with security issues because they are more acclimated to the risks that exist in the digital world. These consumers are leading the way when it comes to shopping online from a mobile device.

More people are opting to shop with their mobile devices than ever before

According to the report from Global Web Index, 40% of consumers between the ages of 16 and 24 are using their mobile devices to shop online every month. By comparison, 36% of all adults worldwide are doing the same. Approximately 26% of all Internet users are using mobile shopping applications to shop online, with 70% of these consumers successfully making a purchase using such apps. The most influencial demographic in the mobile commerce space is currently Millenials, who have taken a strong interest in mobile technology in general.

Asia Pacific region is the world’s fastest growing mobile commerce market

Teens - Mobile Commerce In North America, 20% of Millenials made a mobile commerce purchase in the past month, with 21% of this demographic doing so in Europe. The Asia Pacific region is home to the largest mobile commerce market where Millenials are active. The report shows that 46% of Millenials in this region have made a mobile commerce purchase in the past month. The report notes that nearly half of China’s Internet users shop online using a mobile device of some kind every month, though India is seeing the greatest rise in mobile shoppers.

Social media continues to have an impact on the mobile shopping space

Social media is playing a major role in the rise of mobile commerce throughout the world. More social media companies are taking steps to embrace mobile payments, introducing new features that allow consumers to make purchases from their platforms. These companies are partnering with online merchants in order to effectively engage mobile consumers that have become enthralled with the notion of mobile shopping.

E-commerce is growing among small businesses

New report shows that small retailers are becoming more invested in the digital space

A growing number of small businesses are beginning to embrace mobile commerce in the United States. Throughout the years, small businesses have been relatively slow to embrace e-commerce on any kind, partly due to the costs involved in doing so. Over the past few years, however, many retail businesses have been finding more success by engaging consumers online, especially during the holiday season. A new report from Duda, a website-building group, small businesses are growing increasingly invested in the digital space.

Small businesses expect to see 25% of their holiday sales come from online shopping this year

The report found that many small businesses in the U.S. expect 25% of their holiday sales to come from online shopping this year. Approximately 14% expect to see more than half of their holiday revenue come from e-commerce. The report provides a new perspective on the e-commerce space. Many believe that consumers generally favor shopping on sites like Amazon and eBay when they are looking for products, but consumers have shown willingness to shop directly from sites built by retailers, especially when it comes to shopping from a mobile device.

Small businesses have been slow to embrace e-commerce

e-commerce - businessSmall businesses have been able to get by without having a significant online presence for years, but that may no longer be the case. Consumers are becoming more reliant on technology and many want to make use of online services that make shopping more convenient for them. This has lead to a surge in mobile commerce, as consumers have begun gravitating toward mobile-centric services. Social media is playing a role in the growth of e-commerce as well and small businesses may be able to capitalize on that trend.

Social commerce could help small retailers engage consumers more effectively

So called social commerce is becoming quite popular among consumers. This concept is relatively simple, as it involves shopping for products online using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Small businesses may be able to engage consumers more effectively by adopting some of the principles of social commerce.