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Mobile commerce expected to see growth over the holidays

The mobile space is growing as retailers change how they engage consumers

The holiday season may be a major opportunity for companies involved in mobile commerce, especially social media companies that are working with retailers. A recent report from eMarketer predicts that retail sales in the United States will grow year-over-year by 5.6% this year. Mobile commerce is expected to play a significant role in this growth, with mobile sales growing 32% year-over-year by the end of 2015. Many consumers are expected to use their mobile devices to get their holiday shopping done this year.

Better smartphones are improving the mobile shopping experience

According to the report, an estimated 25% of all e-commerce transactions are expected to be made through a smartphone in the United States. Consumers are beginning to rely more heavily on these devices, as they represent a more convenient way to shop. Advances in smartphone technology and design have further increased their attractiveness to mobile shoppers. Larger screens have made it easier for consumers to browse digital stores and purchase products. An enjoyable mobile shopping experience makes it more likely that consumers will continue to participate in mobile commerce.

Social commerce is growing quickly

Mobile Commerce Growth over Holiday SeasonAs mobile shopping continues to experience healthy growth, social networks are beginning to play a larger role in the mobile space. These companies have been involved in the mobile world for several years, but have only just begun to participate in mobile commerce. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are indulging in a new concept called social commerce, which involves selling products online through social networking sites. Social commerce is becoming a strong tool for retailers, especially those that want to engage mobile consumers. Many consumers favor using their mobile devices to visit social media sites, which has created new opportunities for retailers.

Consumers see mobile commerce as more convenient than visiting physical stores

Mobile commerce is expected to see significant growth over the holiday season. As in previous years, consumers are expected to use their mobile devices to get their shopping done and avoid large crowds at physical retail stores. The convenient nature of mobile commerce has proven to be quite attractive to consumers and more retailers are focusing more heavily on the mobile space.

Instagram may soon control the social commerce space

Instagram is a growing force in the mobile commerce sector as it continues to expand therein

Instagram may soon become the most powerful force in social commerce. The social network now boasts of more than 400 million users and has become one of the most prominent engagement platforms in the world. As a mobile-first platform, it has an engagement that is seven times higher than Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook owns Instagram, the social networks operates autonomously but may become one of Facebook’s leading forces in its constant struggle to establish a foothold in the social commerce space.

Social commerce is gaining steam in the digital world as consumers look for new ways to shop online

Social commerce is a relatively new concept. It involves engaging consumers over social networks and exposing them to new products that they may be interested in. Through these networks, consumers can purchase products. This is typically done through mobile devices, as they represent a convenient way to shop online and many of the people that use social networks access these networks with their smartphones and tablets.

Socially-enabled mobile commerce may be the way of the future

Instagram - Social CommercePoinSource, a digital marketing agency, suggests that socially-enabled mobile commerce is on the rise. The reason behind this may be because social commerce represents a more intimate and immediate way for consumers to shop online. The fact that Instagram is a mobile-first platform has placed it in an ideal position to take advantage of consumer interests, which it has begun to do tentatively in order to establish a foothold in the emerging mobile commerce market.

User-generated content makes it easy to expose others to popular products

One of the reasons Instagram has become such a powerful force in social commerce is because it relies on user-generated content. Users have found it easy to recommend products they enjoy to their friends and followers, and Instagram has implemented effective call-to-action tools that have encouraged online purchases through the platform. The challenge, however, is for brands to find ways to engage consumers and convert this engagement into purchases online.