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Should mobile phones be banned in school? Research says “no”

Professor Paul Howard-Jones has been speaking out against the banning of these devices in the classroom.

According to Academic, Professor Paul Howard-Jones, banning technology, such as mobile phones, in the classroom is “moving in the wrong direction” and parents should be paying closer attention to the way their children are interacting with other people and with their own tech.

Instead of trying to “demonize” these devices, the professor said it is more important to understand its use.

Howard-Jones cautioned that children are going to continue the use of mobile phones in the classroom regardless of what the rules say. Therefore, he feels it would be much more effective to allow the use and build an understanding of the way these mobile devices are being used by children. He explained that “I share concerns of parents about the effects of leisure technology on sleep and homework and exercise but it’s important that we don’t demonize it completely.”

Instead, Howard-Jones says parents should start looking at the ways their kids are using mobile phones.

Mobile Phones - SchoolThese statements about mobile devices were made by the professor at the same time that he released the results of one of his most recent studies, in which he discovered that playing computer games have the potential to boost the concentration levels among students, giving them an improved ability to better their grades. The research indicated that when learning is presented in game format, the mind of a student is less likely to wander, providing an improved ability to study.

Following this research, Howard-Jones said that over the last number of years, computer games have been “trivialized”, but that if they are properly implemented, they could actually help to enhance a student’s ability to learn. He stated that it is more important to understand the ways in which children are using mobile device and the internet. By banning these gadgets in the classroom, it makes it impossible to gain that information.

“We have to accept that technology is part of children’s lives. It isn’t about restricting it but about how they should be using it in a healthy way,” he said, when discussing the real-life implications of the results of his study.

Mobile trends in India include massive 1 billion users

The country’s cell phone market has now broken through that tremendous milestone.

The latest data with regards to the mobile trends in India have now been released and have shown that from September to October 2015, there was a 0.7 percent increase in the ownership of cell phones, bringing that country over the billion user mark to reach 1.03 billion device users.

This fascinating insight was released very recently by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Now that India has reached this milestone in its mobile trends, it has become the second country in the world to have achieved it (the first one having been China). The population of the country is about three times that of the United States and it has recently become a vital new market for smartphones and other mobile devices. Though there are only four major carriers for mobile service in the United States, India boasts a dozen that are all competing to obtain contract subscribers.

Due to the massive mobile trends for competition in the country, subscribers pay some of the lowest bills in the world.

Mobile Trends - A billion UsersA number of factors, including the tremendous competition in India for customers has made sure that Indian mobile device users are paying some of the lowest monthly charges on the planet. This massive and rapidly growing and evolving market has also presented opportunities to companies from other countries. Virtually every corner of the globe is looking at India’s market and is hoping to try to carve out their own segment of it for themselves.

Though the insight from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India includes all types of cell phone, another important mobile technology trend currently underway in the country is the adoption of smartphones. While the United States continues to be one of the top markets for the very high-end and flagship devices from manufacturers, Asia is a haven for entry-level and mid-range devices.

As people in India hop on the mobile trends for replacing basic cell phones and feature phones with smartphones, manufacturers have been scrambling to offer consumers across the country the type of deals and opportunities that will encourage them to choose them over the competition.