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Mobile devices widen gender gap in emerging economies

Recent estimates show that 1.7 billion women in these countries do not own cell phones.

According to the data that was released in a recent report, there are more than 1.7 billion women in countries with low- and middle-incomes, who do not own mobile devices, representing a massive gender gap within those nations.

The average woman in those economies is 14 percent less likely to own a mobile phone than a man.

This, according to the same report, by the GSM Association (GSMA), and that was entitled “Bridging the Gender Gap: Mobile Access and Usage in Low- and Middle-income Countries”. The estimate of a 14 percent lower likelihood of women having mobile devices than men would mean that there is a gender gap of 200 million people. This represents a powerful disadvantage for female residents of those countries, and a weaker opportunity for communication, information, and other resources that are vital components to equal prospects for achievement.

This gender gap in the ownership of mobile devices is considerably higher in certain specific regions.

Report - Mobile devices and emerging economiesFor example, the report stated that “In particular, women in South Asia are 38 percent less likely to own a phone than men, highlighting that the gender gap in mobile phone ownership is wider in certain parts of the world.”

The GSMA director general, Anne Bouverot, said explained that the widespread availability and affordability of mobile phones offers the people of the world an “unprecedented opportunity to improve and enhance social and economic development,” but at the same time, as women are now owners of these gadgets to the same degree as men, they have a tendency for being “left behind” not only as device owners, but also as mobile consumers.

She went on to say that there will be a considerable benefit to women if the gender gap in the ownership of mobile devices is addressed. That said, the report identified the leading five barriers to the ownership of mobile phones by women, which include cost, security and harassment over this channel, network coverage and quality, technical literacy, operator or agent trust, and issues that have to do with confidence.

Technology news from comScore shows massive smartphone penetration

The firm has released its data indicating that the rate in the United States broke the 60 percent mark last quarter.

comScore just released its latest technology news data on Friday, which has identified the latest penetration and other trends in the mobile world, using data as recent as the end of July.

As of the close of July 2013, there was a considerable growth in smartphone popularity in the U.S.

The latest mobile technology news trends up until the last quarter have shown that the penetration rate of smartphones in the United States has now broken the 60 percent mark. The details of the report from comScore showed that the leading manufacturer of smartphones in the U.S. is still Apple.

The technology news data showed that Apple is maintaining a hold of 40 percent OEM market share.

Technology newsAt the same time, while Apple may be the single smartphone device manufacturer leading the way, it is Android that is making the technology news as the most popular smartphone platform, not Apple’s proprietary iOS. Android’s lead is considerable, as it holds an estimated 52 percent of the platform market share.

As a result of this, it didn’t come as a surprise to very many people that Google Sites were once again the leaders in that category of technology news, last quarter, as they have in the previous quarters.

The comScore report stated that “Google Sites ranked as the top web property on smartphones, reaching 92.6 percent of the mobile media audience (mobile browsing and app usage).” Their technology news went on to say that this was “followed by Facebook (86.3 percent), Yahoo! Sites (81.7 percent) and Amazon Sites (66.8 percent).”

When all was said and done, the comScore data estimated that during the surveyed period, there were 143.3 million people in the United States who owned smartphones. The estimated penetration rate which is now believed to be greater than 60 percent would indicate that there has been an increase of a considerable 3 percent since April 2013. This clearly indicates that these devices are making rapid headway within the United States, and that the growth will continue.