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Co-Founder of Atari isn’t satisfied with the mobile gaming market

Bushnell has teamed up with Spil Games to make new mobile games.

Nolan Bushnell, most notably known as the co-founder of Atari and considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern video games, is returning to the gaming sector after 40-or-so years, and plans to release his first wave of mobile games with new partner, Dutch publisher, Spil Games. This will be Bushnell’s first step into the mobile gaming market.

Bushnell never stopped designing games and now wants to make mobile games according to his law.

According to Tech Times, even though it’s been decades since the 73-year-old Atari co-founder was part of the gaming scene, Bushnell said that he has never stopped designing games and was impressed with the success of the mobile gaming market, mostly because games for smartphones are so readily available. That’s why he reportedly chose this particular market to monetize the games that he’s been continually designing in his free time.

Mobile Games- Mobile Gaming MarketThat said, the veteran game designer doesn’t plan to make games like others already on the market. In fact, he’s not overly impressed with the games he has on his phone and finds them so frustrating at times that at certain points he’s been tempted to throw his phone, reported The Guardian.

With Spil Games, Bushnell will be developing and publishing new mobile games that will incorporate his “easy to learn, and difficult to master,” game laws.

“There are a lot of mobile games out there that just miss it; they miss what I’d call ‘hardcore fundamental game design’. At Atari we had to totally focus on that, because our graphics were so terrible, because the technology was so primitive by today’s standards,” Bushnell said.

To start, Bushnell will release three mobile game titles into the mobile gaming market.

His deal with Spil is reportedly good for three mobile game titles and his role with the company is likely to include producer, designer and adviser. He said of Spil that it has great analytics, great “stuff” and an excellent understanding of marketplaces. He also feels that they’re a fun group of people to work with and said he sees the same drive in the company that initially motivated him to work with games years ago.

It will be interesting to see what type of games Bushnell brings to the mobile gaming market.

Taylor Swift game app becomes Glu Mobile’s next hoped-for hit

The company has made a number of bets on top mobile gaming applications with celebrity names.

Glu Mobile has now announced a new deal that will allow it to create a Taylor Swift game app and continue its efforts to keep gaming applications in the most popular lists through the use of hot celebrity names in their titles.

The company has previously seen considerable successes with games that have gone viral – and hugely profitable.

Among the most notable Glu Mobile products that have come before the Taylor Swift game app deal include “Kim Kardashian Hollywood”. That mobile application reached astronomical heights, at its most popular point. Now, the gaming company is clearly hoping to continue to replicate those types of successes with another breakout title by way of a partnership with a tremendously popular celebrity.

Details about the Taylor Swift mobile game have not yet been released by Glu Mobile or the pop star.

Taylor Swift Game AppWhat was revealed was that Taylor Swift and Glu Mobile would be working together in a partnership that is expected to remain intact for several years. The purpose is to come up with a mobile game that will provide a “new and highly differentiated gaming experience.” That was the full extent of the game details that were released, which clearly isn’t very much.

It is expected that the mobile game app will be launched near the end of 2016, according to the predictions made by Glu. The company also pointed out that this was the first time Swift has ever stepped into the mobile gaming world.

That said, the Taylor Swift game app with Glu might be the first gaming application that will be created by the pop star, but this is far from the first time she has developed a property on mobile real estate. In fact, she has already won an Emmy award for her “AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience,” in the category of “Original Interactive Program.” That mobile app was available both on Android and iOS based devices and makes it possible for users to head inside a 360 degree experience of the artist’s “Blank Spaces” music video.