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Mobile marketing using coupons boosts in store sales

New research has shown that by sending smartphone users discount offers, these consumers will head out and shop.

The results of research conducted by Forrester Consulting has now been revealed, and it has found that when mobile marketing includes the use of digital coupons that are received and redeemed by consumers through the use of their smartphones, those individuals are more likely to make a purchase to take advantage of the discount offer.

Even if these consumers don’t shop over mobile commerce, they will still use the coupons over desktop or in person.

Still, regardless of the fact that the vast majority chose to use the coupons received over mobile marketing to shop using a desktop computer or at a brick and mortar store, the research still showed that 25 percent of those who did act on the savings did so over m-commerce channels. The study was conducted in the United States during June 2014. It surveyed consumers with regards to the use of digital coupons.

This mobile marketing study showed that 33 percent of respondents switched to desktop to shop.

Mobile Marketing - CouponIt also found that another 27 percent chose to head to brick and mortar retail locations in order to use the digital coupon and take advantage of the savings that it offered. Fourteen percent of the respondents said that they used the coupons they received in order to make a purchase over a tablet device. That said, the tablet figure was far larger than those who used mail order catalogs or call centers, which accounted for only 2 percent of the purchases that were made using the digital coupons.

The vast majority (55 percent) of the respondents said that they had found the discount offers after having conducted a search, and/or after having received one in an email (57 percent). About one in three said that they used an app related to coupons in order to discover savings opportunities.

It has been speculated that many of the people who responded to this mobile marketing technique by way of a purchase in store did so because they had researched the product or had specifically looked for a coupon while they were already in the store.

Mobile marketing with gas coupons is proving highly effective

Mobile Marketing Gas CouponThe promise for discounts at the pump over smartphones is drawing consumers into stores.

A new study has just revealed that, through the use of mobile marketing, motorists can be made to make additional in store purchases when they are pumping gas.

Research performed in Canada showed that 10 to 30 percent of consumers redeemed coupons in convenience store chains.

The mobile coupon was from U.S. National Oil and Gas Inc. It was distributed through a mobile marketing campaign to encourage drivers who were pumping gas at one of their stations to head inside the adjoining convenience stores in order to buy additional products. This, according to the owner and director of the company, Trent Moser.

The company had been using iSign Media Corp. technology for its mobile marketing campaign.

The mobile marketing strategy involved the use of the technology – which distributes the coupons to consumers who enter within a radius of approximately 300 feet of an antenna – to draw gas pumping customers into the store by sending them a coupon over their smartphones for a discount on their gas, but only if they head into the store to pay for the purchase. The coupons were sent just as the consumer would pull up to the location, so that they would already have it right before they went to pump the gas.

There were over 150,000 customers who received the coupons from National Oil within a period of three months. Within that timeframe, there were enough of the coupons redeemed that National Oil felt that it justified rolling out the iSign technology based offers to 200 of its stores across the company, said Moser.

Moser would not reveal the actual response rate that was achieved through the mobile marketing campaign.

A similar campaign was held by a chain of gas station and convenience stores in Canada, which has found that the response rate from the mobile marketing strategy’s coupons was between 10 percent and 30 percent among the million consumers who receive it every day. According to the founder and CEO of iSign, Alex Romanov, the coupons were for 10 cents off per gallon.