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The right electronics case means carrying fewer cables

Today’s mobile gadgets require a large number of accessories, but the right case can make all the difference.

With thousands of mobile devices and accessories on the market, choosing the right electronics case can seem daunting. A recent video from YouTuber Peter von Panda revealed that all cases are not created equal.

A hard sided electronics case versus the soft sided type

Among the first things that Peter von Panda pointed out in his review of the Mogix hard sided electronics case was that fewer cables were needed. The compact nature of the case allowed the reviewer to look at the cables he’d traditionally carried in his old soft neoprene case. He discovered that because he’d had a bigger case, he was carrying around several cables unnecessarily.

Electronics Case review video picFewer cables meant less space and weight to carry around. Moreover, the hard sided case from Mogix eliminated much of the risk of damage to the cables. Therefore, he was required to carry fewer backup cables due to the confidence he had in the protection the mobile accessories case provided.

The Mogix electronics case also keeps cables organized and makes a great gift for travelers.

Peter von Panda demonstrated the clamshell-style design of the Mogix accessories case. He showed that there were two divided sides, each with a couple of mesh pouches. In this way, charger cables, ear buds, lightning cables, auto USB adapter, USB charging block can all be kept separated and visible for easy access.

Moreover, all those mobile accessories are able to fit in the Mogix case along with the reviewer’s portable battery pack. This allowed the reviewer to carry everything he needed without having to leave anything behind or carry extras in case of damage.

The Mogix electronics case is compact, solid, weatherproof and holds everything a person needs for travel, including cables, ear buds, and a portable phone charger or hard drive. This makes it an ideal gift for students, travelers, or anyone else who brings their smartphone or other mobile devices everywhere they go. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it will also make a fantastic low-cost gift and a perfect stocking stuffer.

LG mobile accessories boom with over 10 million headsets sold

The South Korean electronics company has revealed that its Bluetooth gadgets are becoming massively popular.

LG Electronics has now revealed some of the latest data with regards to its mobile accessories, in that it has stated that it has now managed to sell over 10 million of its Bluetooth headsets around the globe.

The electronics giant recently made the announcement about this series of mobile gadgets.

The LG “Tone” series of headsets are a type of mobile accessories that will connect wirelessly to smartphones. This allows the users to be able to use their mobile devices to listen to music, but the headsets are also equipped to allow the user to make or take a call, as well. This is a handy feature as it does not cause one use of the device to override another in an inconvenient way.

Among the unique features of these mobile accessories is the retractable neckband design of the headset.

The design of this mobile gadget extends behind the user’s head and into the ears when it is being used. However, when it is not in use, they retract in order to make them much more compact and easy to carry. This also help to prevent damage.

According to the firm, the sales of the mobile headset broke the 1 million mark about three years after the launch of the series back in 2010. That said, since that time, it has come a long way, as it took only two and a half more years to skyrocket to over 10 million sales. This represents a considerable increase in the number of purchases that are being made of this device.

LG has worked hard to improve the appeal of their smartphone headset. For instance, in order to be able to considerably enhance the sound quality of the accessory, it partnered with Harman/Kardon and JBL, the highly respected audio equipment makers. Their expertise, fused with the design produced by LG made it possible to vastly enhance the quality of sound that the headset could provide to its wearer.

These mobile accessories have specifically proven to be highly popular in the United States, where about 40 percent of the purchases are made, according to NPD Group market researchers.