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Smartphones are leading the way in mobile commerce growth

Study highlights a paradigm shift in the mobile commerce space

A new study from Forrester Research, Shop.org, and Bizrate Insights shows that smartphones are beginning to become powerful mobile commerce tools. The study has found that consumers are beginning to change the way they browse for products online while using their mobile devices. This, alongside a shift in investments coming from technology companies and better optimization strategies from retailers, is beginning to have a major impact on the mobile commerce space as a whole.

Retailers are seeing more activity come from smartphones rather than tablets

The study found that, among retailers, smartphones accounted for approximately 17% of all online sales made in 2015. By comparison, tablets comprised 14% of online sales last year. Sales via smartphones grew by 53% over what they had been in 2014, with sales from tablets seeing a modest 32% growth in 2014. Retailers are beginning to optimize their mobile engagement strategies, which has lead to a higher number of smartphone users to participate in mobile commerce.

Technology companies are beginning to change the way they invest in the mobile sector

Smartphones - Mobile Commerce GrowthThe study also found that there is a shift occurring in the investments that technology companies are making in the mobile space. A growing number of these companies are beginning to focus more heavily on mobile commerce, hoping to take advantage of the rapidly growing market. Companies like Apple and Google are bringing their own mobile payments services to new markets and retailers are beginning to follow suit. Technology companies are seeing major promise in the continued growth of the mobile commerce market are investing to ensure its continued expansion.

Retailers begin to focus more heavily on smartphones

Tablets had been a very popular mobile shopper platform for consumers in the past. These devices feature larger screens, which allowed for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Smartphones are becoming more popular among consumers, however, as these devices tend to be more common and more convenient shopping experience. Organizations involved in the mobile commerce space may soon focus more heavily on smartphones than other mobile devices in order to effectively engage consumers.

Mobile commerce embraced by retailers in 2013

Mobile commerce retail industryRetail industry begins devoting more resources to mobile commerce

The retail industry is beginning to respond to the gargantuan success of the mobile commerce sector, especially in the wake of the results of the 2012 holiday shopping season. During the 2012 holidays, more consumers made use of their mobile devices to shop for and purchase products than they ever had before, giving the retail industry a glimpse of the gains they could see by throwing more support behind mobile commerce. Shop.org and Forrester Research have released a new survey that highlights the view retailers have regarding mobile commerce in 2013.

State of Retailing survey highlights the work of retailers

The survey, called “State of Retailing,” shows that more retailers are beginning to shift their resources to better serve mobile consumers. More than 51% of the retailers surveyed noted that one of their top priorities was making sure that their websites and services were optimized to be used on mobile platforms, such as smart phones and tablets. Another 43% identified tablets and other mobile devices as one of their most important priorities, hoping to increase the traffic and commerce they see through these platforms throughout 2013.

Online traffic spikes in 2012

Retailers are reporting that they are seeing more traffic from online sources. This traffic grew in 2012 and is expected to continue gaining momentum well into 2013. Approximately 27% of the retailers surveyed noted that they have major overhauls of their websites planned in the coming year. These retailers are focusing on making their websites more accommodating for mobile consumers.

Retailers must be wary of pitfalls surrounding mobile commerce

While there are certainly major opportunities for retailers in the realm of mobile commerce, it is important for these companies to take time to identify the potential obstacles they may face in catering to mobile consumers. Embracing mobile commerce is a multi-faceted endeavor, and many retailers will likely begin feeling pressure to facilitate actual payments from mobile devices in their physical stores. Moreover, the more companies focus on mobile commerce, especially in the digital space, the less traffic their physical stores may see in the future.