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3 Great Digital Marketing Tactics for Political Candidates

If you’re a politician and you have an old-school approach to fundraising and campaigning, then you might want to be a bit more open minded in 2022. While you can still use traditional methods to fund your campaign to raise your profile, you also need to leverage the power of digital marketing. Digital marketing will allow you to extend your reach efficiently. You won’t have to do as much legwork, and you could be surprised by the results you get. So much of the political debate is happening online too, so you’ll miss a lot of people by sticking to regular political campaigning. Let’s take a look at some of the digital marketing tactics all politicians should use.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools any person running for public office could use. It allows you to build a direct connection with your audience and direct them towards specific resources and stories. You can use them to let them know about special announcements, political news and issues that might affect them and how you want to tackle them, and to raise funds as well.

You could use a political SMS platform like Tatango to send mass texts when you need donations. One of the best things about SMS marketing is that you can send texts to thousands of people at the click of a button, and it won’t cost you a thing. Trying to reach that many people through traditional means would cost you lots of money and might not bring the same results. SMS marketing also allows you to follow up without incurring additional costs. 

Digital Campaign for Candidates

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are two more techniques that you should use as a politician. Having lots of relevant content on various platforms will do a lot to raise awareness about you and show what you stand for. You can look for trending topics and try to integrate relevant keywords into your text in a natural way. This is what will allow you to get traction with search engines.

You also need to have a well-stocked blog on your website. Google loves content-rich websites, and a blog is an essential SEO tool. The content there has to be of top-notch quality and contain relevant high search keywords. You also have to make sure that your site has clean code and is performant as it also has an effect on your visibility on search engines.

Email Marketing

You cannot be a political candidate and not have a solid email marketing technique in place. Email marketing has many of the benefits of SMS marketing, but you can be a bit more elaborate with your efforts as you won’t be limited to 160 characters. You can create beautiful mailers with pictures and frames and show your subscribers what’s going on with the campaign trail. You can also use email marketing to raise funds or point them towards your website whenever you have a new blog entry. Simply add an email capture form to your website or ask donors if they’d like to subscribe to your email list. You can also gather leads from your main social media page.

These are all techniques that you should add to your political marketing arsenal if you want to get the widest reach possible and meet your fundraising objectives. Look at all these techniques in detail and see which ones you could start implementing today.

Mobile search results at Google no longer support emoji

The search engine has been planning to remove them for a while now, and it has finally happened.

The desktop and mobile search results from Google have now had their emoji support removed, in a move that has been a part of the company’s strategy for some time now and that has surprised some but that has been perfectly expected by others.

Google has never pretended that it has been much of a fan of the emoji when it comes to mobile tech based searches.

The actual removal of the emoji from desktop and mobile search results was a quiet one that occurred over the weekend. The ability to conduct a query through the use of these emoticons was simply taken off without making any form of official announcement that could be found by the time of the writing of this article. Searchers have since noticed that when they try to use them as a part of a query, they do not receive the results that they once would have.

At the same time, pages that continue to use emoji for mobile search optimization won’t be penalized.

Mobile Search - Google removes emojisThe only real outcome is that those emoji will not appear in Google search results when the page happens to come up in the search results. That said, when accompanied by text, the emoji will still appear in the headers. It is only in the description text that it will no longer be displayed or called up into the mobile searching results.

This has occurred after emoji have been permissible as a part of mobile queries for quite some time now. A few months ago it finally managed to work its way into the desktop search world, as well. However, a few weeks ago, Google did mention that it would no longer be supporting emoji for its search on any kind of device so now that this has actually occurred, there are many who don’t find it to be truly surprising.

Emoji had been used for desktop and mobile search by certain brands as a part of a broader strategy to make their way to the top of the results list. For example, a new way for a pizza restaurant to search engine optimized could have been to do so with the pizza emoji. That is no longer the case, when searching through Google.