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Fixmo receives support from Samsung Ventures

Fixmo gets support from SamsungSamsung Ventures announces backing of Fixmo

Samsung Ventures, the investment branch of the massive South Korean Samsung Group, has thrown its support behind Fixmo, a developer of mobile software. Fixmo has a very acute focus on the realm of mobile security. The company typically caters to enterprises and government clients, offering a variety of risk management and security tools for mobile devices. Samsung Ventures believes that the company holds a great deal of promise, especially as the world becomes more reliant on mobile technology.

Mobile security continues to attract attention of large companies

Mobile security has become a very serious issue across a variety of industries and channels. Consumers are becoming more reliant on their smart phones and tablets to function in their daily lives. Phenomena like mobile commerce are great examples as to how mobile technology is beginning to play a more important role throughout the world. Because consumers have a tendency to share or store very valuable information on their smart phones and tablets, these devices have also become prime targets for hackers and anyone interested in exploiting this information for some form of gain.

Investments will help Fixmo with research and development

Fixmo notes that the investments coming from Samsung Ventures will help the company continue its research and development projects. Samsung has been working to get more involved in the mobile security space recently, especially where it concerns enterprise. The company is not the only one showing interest in Fixmo, however. Last year, Motorola also partnered with Fixmo in order to get more involved with mobile security and help make progress in this particular field.

Samsung may be looking to compete with RIM for enterprises

Samsung may be strategically positioning itself to compete with one of the largest companies that has made several breakthroughs in the field of mobile security: Research In Motion (RIM). RIM is gearing up for the release of the BlackBerry 10, which is expected to be one of the most popular mobile devices for enterprises around the world. The BlackBerry platform has long catered to enterprise clients and offers a variety of security features that make it more viable than mobile devices coming from other companies.

Samsung gears to take on Apple in 2013

Samsung Takes on AppleSamsung has some ambitious plans for the future

This year has been a very powerful year for the mobile sector, but 2013 may be even more so, at least that is what Samsung is predicting. The mobile technology giant has big plans for 2013, many of which have yet to be unveiled. Over the past year, Samsung has made significant strides in establishing its dominance in the mobile space, especially with the recent launch of the Galaxy S III. In 2013, Samsung will be working to distance itself from what it considers to be its most significant competitor: Apple.

Samsung rivalry with Apple expected to heat up in 2013

Samsung and Apple have been entrenched in a volatile rivalry that has spanned years. Earlier this year, the two companies finalized a lawsuit, the results of which took both Samsung and Apple down a peg in the eyes of consumers and investors. Samsung has managed to fortify itself against Apple in recent months, and part of this involves increasing its production of mobile devices. In 2013, Samsung will ramp up production by 20%, with plans to ship at  least 510 million new mobile devices over the next year.

Company plans to ship at least 390 million smart phones

Approximately 390 of these mobile devices are expected to be smart phones. A portion of these will be equipped with NFC technology, which is also included in the Galaxy S III. This technology has been well received by consumers because of its ability to facilitate wireless data sharing. The technology is also widely used in the mobile commerce space, where it can make payments from a mobile device possible.

Apple will not be going down without a fight

Samsung predicts that the demand for smart phones may diminish over the next 12 months as the market becomes over-saturated. Despite this potential problem, the company has plans to continue developing and shipping devices that are meant to provide consumers with a viable alternative to Apple products. Apple itself has very ambitious plans for 2013 and the two companies are expected to continue butting heads as they vie for dominance in the mobile space.