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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Dead?

Several reports indicate that the Korean electronics company is suspending production of the device.

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch, the company has faced one nightmare after the next. The problems may have just reached a new high point. Yonhap News, the largest news agency in South Korea, reports a suspension of the company’s flagship smartphone.

The South Korean News agency cited a source inside Samsung’s supply chain.

The source, who remained anonymous, explained that “This measure includes a Samsung plant in Vietnam that is responsible for global shipments (of the Galaxy Note 7).” At the time of the writing of this article, an official confirmation of the suspension of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production had not been made.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Image of Samsung mobile phoneThat said, it would not be impossible to believe that this step would be taken. The new flagship smartphone from Samsung has seen nothing but problems since its first launch. This included safety problems in the United States.

Both AT&T and T-Mobile stopped selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 when several caught fire.

There were five separate incidents in the United States in which the Samsung smartphones caught fire. This was reportedly a problem with the battery. Moreover, an Australian telecom company called Telstra may also be doing the same thing. The Verge reported that it had access to a memo from the company saying the Galaxy Note 7 would soon be withdrawn not only from its own shelves, but from stores worldwide.

As published on The Verge, the memo explained that “Samsung has temporarily paused the supply of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following a reported incident in a replacement phone in the US. Samsung is confident in the replacement Note 7 and says they have no reason to believe it’s not safe.” That said, it also indicated that it would be progressing to create a “replacement Note 7.” No further information was shared about that mobile device.

On October 10th, Reuters reported that the electronics giant confirmed it would be “adjusting shipment volumes.” This move was being made to give the company the opportunity to hold in-depth inspections and to ensure proper quality control was in place. That said, it did not say anything further about ceasing the production of its product.

In mobile devices, Samsung’s lead in Indian phones is sliding

The market in the country has belonged to that Korean manufacturer, but it is losing its grip.

Samsung is continuing to hold the lead in the cell phone segment of the mobile devices market in India, but at the same time, the Korean handset maker is starting to lose ground as it faces a growing amount of competition from rivals that are driving forward at full tilt.

Among the competitors that are moving forward in that market are Microsoft (Nokia), Karbonn, Micromax, and Lava.

CyberMedia Research (CMR) has recently released data that has stated that Samsung is currently “losing its earlier firm grip”. It has watched its share in India fall from having been 20.3 percent at the start of 2014, to reach a much lower 16.5 percent by the close of December. The firm’s data was published within its India Monthly Mobile Handsets Market Review, for last year. In the country, mobile devices increased by 4 percent to reach 257 million units more having been shipped in 2014 over the same figure for 2013.

Of all of the shipments of cell phone mobile devices, Samsung shipped 16.5 percent in India.

Mobile Devices - Samsung phones losing ground in IndiaMicrosoft (Nokia) and Micromax each shipped 13.3 percent of the total shipments. That said, CMR released a statement that indicated that “However, Samsung was seen to be losing its earlier firm grip on market, as its share of the market showed a downward trend during the year, as compared to Micromax that gained primarily in April-June 2014, but then continued to remain flat during the rest of the year.”

When the data was collected for that market for the January through March quarter, last year, Samsung had held onto a 20.3 percent share of the shipments, while Microsoft (Nokia) had 17.6 percent of the shipments, and Micromax had 11.2 percent in India.

Approximately 77 million smartphones had been shipped by Samsung last year, making up about 30 percent of the entire cell phone mobile devices market in India. That segment of devices as a whole experienced a growth of 46 percent when compared to the shipments that it had experienced the year before.