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More consumers are involving themselves in mobile payments, survey finds

Retale survey shows that consumers are embracing PayPal as the leading mobile payments service

Consumers are showing more interest in mobile payments, according to research from Retale, a location-based mobile platform. The research shows that 43% of consumers in the United States have used a smartphone or tablet to make an in-store mobile transaction. This is an increase from the 36% of consumers that did so last year. PayPal has become the most popular mobile payments services among these consumers, through shoppers tend to use a wide variety of solutions.

61% of shoppers will be using their mobile devices to make holiday purchases

Retale surveyed some 1,000 shoppers in the U.S., finding that 61% of these shoppers said that they would be using their mobile devices to purchase a gift this holiday season. Many consumers have been showing interest in mobile payments because they see it as more convenient, with payment services allowing them to simply tap a mobile device to a payment terminal to make a purchase. The survey from Retale shows that 63% of consumers believe that retailers should provide some sort of in-store mobile payment support, as this may improve the shopping experience.

Mobile shoppers use their smartphones to purchase clothes, food, and send gift cards

Consumers using mobile payments more - studyAmong mobile shoppers, clothing is the category that experiences the most activity. Approximately 44% of consumers have used their mobile devices to purchase clothing products during this holiday season. Another 41% have used their smartphones or tablets to purchase food. Gift cards have also become a popular item for consumers doing their holiday shopping, with 30% sending gift cards via their mobile devices.

Retailers will have to make mobile payments more secure in order to find continued success

The mobile payments sector has generated a great deal of momentum during the holiday season, which is likely to carry over into the beginning of next year. Retailers are becoming more mobile-centric, hoping to better engage mobile consumers. These retailers will have to find ways to protect consumer information in order to ensure that they continue to find success in the mobile payments field.

Mobile payments competition heats up in the retail space

Apple Pay is experiencing resistance from retailers

The holidays are coming, and that may be a time when mobile commerce shines. Those looking to use Apple’s new payment service, Apple Pay, may find it impossible to do so, however, due to resistance from retailers. While several major retail organizations have partnered with Apple to support the launch of its new service, relatively few of these companies have taken steps to adopt mobile point-of-sale systems. These systems are meant to accept payments made from a mobile device, but they are somewhat unpopular because of their high cost.

Lack of incentives from Apple leads retailers to look for other solutions

Apple has not offered retailers an incentive to acquire mobile point-of-sale systems. Apple has also only offered modest support when it comes to providing training material for companies looking to support its new payment system. Moreover, there is an ongoing skirmish within the retail space concerning mobile payments, with many companies favoring different payment solutions. Apple Pay may experience more competition in the retail space in the near future as well.

Merchant Customer Exchange is developing its own payment system that could rival Apple Pay

Mobile payments competition heats upThe Merchant Customer Exchange, a prominent retailer consortium, has plans to offer its own mobile payment service next year. This service is to be linked to a consumer’s bank account, serving as an alternative to credit cards. The service is also being designed to track consumer purchasing habits, allowing it to provide them with discounts on products that they frequently buy. While this service will not be available until 2015, it could disrupt Apple’s plans to be the proverbial king of the hill in the mobile payments space.

Mobile is gathering more momentum throughout the retail industry, driven by consumer demand

Mobile payments have become quite important in the retail space. More people are shopping from their mobile devices than ever before, and the demand for in-store mobile payment support is growing. Retailers are scrambling to accommodate this demand, but many are having trouble doing so because of the wide variety of services and technologies currently available to them.